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How To Jailbreak The Ipod Touch (1.1.1 Firmware)

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ipod touch jailbreak
1) go onto safari then type jailbreakme.com
2) instal appsnap
3) let it do itâs thing
4) go into install and install openssh,bsd system,launcher
5) Install whatever you would like with your jailbroken iPod Touch

Apple released the iPod Touch a few months ago. It is one excellent piece of hardware. It is basically an iPhone without the ability to talk or SMS. But since Steve Jobs is so greedy (he makes you pay $300-$400 for the iPod), he won't let you install third-party applications on it. Want to know how to get those applications on it? Keep reading.

First, open Safari and go to "jailbreakme.com" (without the quotes). After that, click on "Install AppSnap". After it's done installing, it should either go to the locked screen or reboot. Congratulations, your iPod Touch has been successfully jailbroken.

Now you will have to add what is called "sources" in order to install applications. These "sources" are directories of websites that contain the applications files that are available for you to download. These are all free, so don't worry. First, open Installer (the new icon you have on your home screen after you installed AppSnap). Then click "Sources" at the bottom. Then go to "Edit" then "Add". (You will repeat this process each time you add a source.



****** FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF SOURCES, VISIT http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ ***

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Not sure this topic should have been approved. Is this not a kind of hacking the ipod touch in order not to pay some features available on a more expensive device ? Then, this post would be violating our forum rules.

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