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Unity 3d Unity 3D is a game creation program which allows you to cuild for ALL

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Standalone Mac & Windows
Publish standalone builds for Mac OS X (Universal Binary, or specific, smaller Intel/PPC-only builds) and Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Support for Old Hardware and Drivers
Many potential players are using outdated graphics hardware and drivers. Even many common computer configurations are much less than ideal for games. Unity has built-in fallbacks and workarounds for compatibility problems. Unity has rock-solid support for almost all hardware/software combinations, in both DirectX and OpenGL.

Unity has undergone extensive compatibility testing, which means you don't need to put an ounce of effort into making sure your customers can run your games. Instead, you can expect everything to work well the first time. This helps you reduce your QA and customer support needs, and allows you to focus on making the game great instead of making the game work.
Web Deployment
Unity-made games can be played inside a web browser thanks to the Unity Web Player Plug-in. The plug-in download is small (about 3 MB), auto-installs without a browser restart, and already has a 6-digit distribution. It works on all modern browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and most Mozilla-based browsers.

You can publish a web game that is identical to a standalone in visual fidelity from the same Project.

Auto-streaming web players and additional WWW streaming all work together to reduce load times. It's also possible to customize the loading screen colors, progress bar, and graphics to make the short wait a pleasant one.
Interacting with the browser

Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets

Still using the same Project as your standalone, you can create a 3D Dashboard Widget. Using a Dashboard Widget is a great way to advertise your content, give a pick-up-and-play preview, or extend your game's functionality.

Instantaneous, Automatic Importing
When any asset file is saved, it is seamlessly imported without exception. Each asset's Import Settings are remembered, so you can set them once and never worry again.

Incredible 3D Package Support

Unity can import 3D models, bones, and animations from almost all 3D applications. See the bottom of this page for details.

Just Hit Save
Hit Save in Maya, Cinema 4D, Cheetah3D or Blender, and Unity will pick up all changes across your entire project. It's that simple. See the bottom of this page for a full list of supported formats.

TrueType Font Support

Unity handles pixel-perfect rendering of TrueType fonts. Drop in any TTF font and start making great-looking text. When localization time rolls around, be relieved as Unicode fonts are supported, as are Unicode strings.
Texture Handling
Save your multi-layer Photoshop files normally and let Unity automatically compress your images with high quality DXT texture compression. It's all automatic without a single required click.

Height-map to Normal-map Conversion
Any texture can be converted into a Normal-map. This process is automatic and instantaneous, even when you later change your image files.

High-Quality Mipmap Generation
Unity supports several different mipmap generation methods: Detail Fade, Kaiser Filters, Gamma Correction, and more.

Audio Support
Unity can import any audio format that is supported by QuickTime. Audio can be internally converted and distributed as Ogg Vorbis, for keeping down your game's published file size.

3D formats Meshes Textures Anims Bones
Maya .mb & .ma
3D Studio Max .max1
Cheetah 3D .jas
Cinema 4D .c4d1 2
Blender .blend
XSI 5.x1
Wings 3D1
3D Studio .3ds
Wavefront .obj
Drawing Interchange
Files .dxf
Filmbox .fbx
Collada .dae

1 Import uses the application's FBX exporter. Unity then reads the FBX file.

2 Cinema4D 10 has a buggy FBX exporter. Please see here for workarounds.
Image Formats
Photoshop .psd and .tiff are imported with layers automatically flattened.
JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, IFF, PICT and many other image formats are supported.
Animated GIFs are imported as multiframe textures which can be played back.
Video and Audio Formats
Ogg Theora video is natively supported.
Ogg Vorbis .ogg audio files are natively supported, and are ideally suited for soundtracks.
Video MOV, AVI, ASF, MPG, MPEG, MP4VIDEO files are recoded by Unity with a configurable bitrate.
Audio AIFF, WAV, MP3 and most other audio format are stored uncompressed, ideally suited for sound effects.
Other File Formats
XML and text files with .xml and .txt extensions can be referenced at runtime.
Any other file types, such as RTF and DOC, can be used for project notes and to-do lists.

Incredible Speed
Unity defines fast. Rendering is sorted to minimize state changes, taking lights and shadows into account. On beefy hardware, Unity renders millions of polygons per second.

Particle Systems
Visual creation and manipulation of particle systems is simple as pie. Create Rain, sparks, dust trails, anything that you can imagine.
Particles manual section

ParticleEmitter documentation

Graphics Gallery

Direct3D 9 and OpenGL
Unity makes sure that your games run everywhere. It includes a full DirectX and an OpenGL renderer. In our testing lab, we test Unity across hundreds of graphics hardware and driver combinations.

Flexible Pipeline
Hook into the rendering pipeline to create special effect. Use low level rendering commands to achieve exactly what you want.

Take your single-player game and easily bring it online. Add some online high scores and chat. Create real-time networked multiplayer functionality. Unity supports all networking needs out of the box with little learning and even less effort.
Realtime Networking
Unity makes the deep complexities of realtime networking easy to create. Turning a single-player game into a networked multi-player game requires few changes to your existing scripts. Unity does the hard lifting so you never have to think about NAT punchthrough or any other networking technicalities.
Multiplayer networking

State Synchronization
GameObject position, velocity, animation, and anything else can be synchronized between players using a delta compression algorithm or uncompressed unreliable methods.

Remote Procedure Calls
Easily call any functions on any other clients, without the need to do marshalling or other network negotiation.
WWW Functions
For access to web-pages and the data they contain, Unity provides an easy to use WWW interface. Both synchronous and asynchronous modes are supported.
WWW interface docs

Web Browser Integration
When running in a web browser, the deployed Web Player can communicate seamlessly with the container web page. That way you get javascript communication and full AJAX capabilities.
Learn how to do this

Backend Connectivity
.NET socket libraries can be used for real-time networking, by opening TCP/IP sockets or sending UDP messages. They also make speaking XML easy, and can connect to ODBC database connections.

goto https://madewith.unity.com/ to find a demo that was created in unity


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how we can load our own maya animation in any game engine ?Unity 3d

hello sir, 


 Please eleborate the process, that if we want to create our own set up or animations(in maya) on any game engine.How we can use  those animations in any game engine ? is there sum different kind of file format is required?if yes then tell all these things, iam eager to know all this ,,,

-reply by saud

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Networking for MMOUnity 3d


 Can I able to do networking for MMO games in Unity Engine for iphone or do we need any external networking engine like netdog.



-question by Jeetesh BhoriaKeywords: unity engine support networking

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