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Sql Syntax Error [corrected] apostrophes missing

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#1054 - Unknown column 'Eggie' in 'where clause'

i get that error when i type this in MYSQL
select bike from members where username=Eggie
i have column bike,members and username...
and i have information in every of those columns...
but why does it say that there is no COLUMN because i said i want info from row where column 'username' is 'Eggie'

btw-YAY..my 101 post

EDIT:sorry...i just solved it i forgot to put apostrophes
select bike from members where username='Eggie'

Edited by yordan (see edit history)

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Well, this is always something a lot of ppl miss easily. Because the error "Unknown column" is quite misleading in this case. Anyway, it's good that you found out yourself.

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