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Sonic Riders Zg Wii and PS2

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Sonic Riders 2 finally came out Mid-Janurary!

Soic Riders Zero Gravity is the sequel to Sonic Riders, obviously. The main feature of this game is the fact that you can manipulate gravity.


The Gravity control really makes this game. In the previous game, Gear ran on Air, nut now, Gear seems to run itself. The only problem is, if you have no gravity, you can't make a sharp turn. Because of this, you are really forced to conserve your gravity power. The other gravity-related feature is the Gravity dive. You use gravity to dash in the air faster than you could on gear, but you can't steer as well and you loose GP. If there are certain floating objects(each one matches the course's theme) that if you touch, will send you shooting.

I personally love this game, being an avid Sonic fan. I've only played the Wii one, and can say the waggle controls are pretty good. Anyone else play this game?

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i have played it Sonic Riders Zg

like I have played the wii version too and I got to say hell yea as to the contros but the fact of have gp wasted to make sharp turns has got to be the worst of it but the rainbow gear has to be the best (by the way it cost 9999 coins) in all means of speed and flignt  and it took me ages to get it without the gambler I would have goten nowhere but now I am now here (for the love guru fans) so what I am trying to say is thatthis game is great 5 stars

-reply by madaz

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