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Wiihabilitation Anyone?

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Doctors say that the Nintendo Wii is a great way for people with recovering from strokes, broken bones, surgery, and even combat injuries. It goes to show that the Nintendo Wii is definitely more than a gaming machine for teenagers.

It has already seen inroads to gyms to get kids working out instead of sitting down in front of their PC/Mac/XBOX 360 or their PS3 playing their video games without at least getting active.

Doctors say that some patients don't have full finger motions, so using the Wii to interact with their characters or just the game in general help patients out.

More on the article: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

I believe that the Wii is definitely more than a gaming system, it does have a better use for physical education and therapy, or even just part of a workout routine. I have a Wii and I absolutely love the system. Sometimes I even ignore my XBOX 360 ... lol.


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I had a shoulder problem last year, and the kine's asked me to train, shaking 100 grams object in order to train my shoulder. Which you cannot do without feeling very stupid. Except if you are playing with a wii. So, this makes sens, re-education by means of trining himself with a wii is a great idea.

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