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Dating Games How To Make Dating Games Teach Me Please

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Hello I know some of you (if not all...) are experienced whit programing
and that some of you use rpg maker xp, I use it too ;)

But well the main topic of this post is this:
Im sure a lot of you have played Bishoujo (hentai games) at least once in your life
(You may be liying if you say not because im a man). :P

So...can someone tell me how to make a text visual novel using rpg maker xp???
I made one using rpg maker 2003 whit events but I cant figure out how to do it whit
RPG maker XP. :P

Any ideas?? Suggstions??? :P

And also i do have a web site were im the admin (Obviolusy sarcasm)
you are free to visit it if you want, there may be not to much to see but
its mi nest of dreams....here you GO!!!

http://animeunlimited.4rumer.net/ :o

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Hey Archer,

Well, I was saying in another thread that creating games on previous versions of RPG maker was easier, because it offered more options out of the box, without needing to write scripts, and that's the only problem I see with RPG maker XP, that it comes with basic options and doesn't allow cool options like 2003 version did.

For example, you could use the commands:


when displaying conversations, to modify how fast will letters appear, and if you wanted to close the dialog without player having to press the action button, etc.

Also, they removed the option to add images to conversations, that's basically what you need for your dating game, if you want to make it similar to those hentai games (yes, I've tried some... though I didn't really like them).

What you have to do is, google for some scripts to add faces or pictures to the conversation windows, and that's about it. You should then be able to create your game using switches and variables, I loooove variables ;)

So good luck!!!
PS: do you speak spanish by chance? I'm from south america so let me know.
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Sorry, I really don't have any valuable input but I just need to point out that bishoujo does NOT mean hentai, bishoujo literally means beautiful girl, eroge means erotic game, a bishoujo game on the other hand is just any game that features a cast of beautiful girls. E.G. Clannad is a bishoujo visual novel however it is not an eroge because it contains no adult content.

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