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For .net Or Java, Consider Python Python can generate native, .NET and Java code

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If you are new to programming, consider Python as your first language! Unlike C#, it is free, as in $0! Unlike Java, it has a simple grammar (few brackets and semicolons) and few declarations (most variables are automatically declared by their first use). I have been programming for almost 50 years, and Python is by far the easiest, clearest programming language that I have found!

The Python home page will orient you to the resources and documentation. It includes excellent tutorials and examples. It runs on Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, OS/2, Amiga, Palm Handhelds, and Nokia mobile phones.

The same Python language can generate Java code using Jython, an implementation of Python for the Java Virtual Machine.

Finally, Iron Python is a Microsoft-sanctioned implementation of Python generating .NET code.

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Nice topic, docduke. A little be short, but very efficient, I like it.And I guess that you want to re-open the philosophical subject : why do people choose a language instead of another one ?Why do a lot of people speak English instead of Esperanto ?Two facts. Unix is designed in C Language. If you want to surf on the Unix wave, enforced by the Linux tsunami, you need to learn C language, else you will stay on the sand.So, now, here is your challenge, docduke : try to make me switch to python.

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