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How Can We Make Our On O/s ? The ways of making our own computer

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You can make a .boot file with emu8086, save it to a drive, then run it. Let me warn you however that you probably will not get far because Operating Systems take lots of "assemblers" that assemble code (such as C++). People at Microsoft and Apple spend most of their time making these assemblers so that other programmers can make programs (such as Mozilla and Firefox). Now this take a LONG time to do, then you need to teach people to make files for your assembler. It is very hard to make a functional OS (unless you start with a basic one like Linux then work off that). I don't know much about making Operating Systems but I think Linux is open source (correct me if I am wrong). To learn more you might want to look at some books or this basic tutorial: How To Do Things.

Edit: From you post I couldn’t really tell what you where asking. Do you want to know IDEAS for making your Operating System or were you wondering HOW to make your Operating System

Hope this helps out and Good Luck ^_^

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