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Yesterday i come into the necesity to convert an Access database to MySql and while looking around at the database forum i found this topic Access -> MySql that is exactly what i'm looking for, in this topic i found a post with an URL to a free converter that shame on me is no longer free so i decide to search for a really free converter and lucky me finally i found two excellents free converters that i think can be useful for everybody.


The two free Access to MySql converters are:

Access to Mysql: This freeware is very complete and easy to use, and have more options than the MdbToMySql, you can read at My post about Access To Mysql more information about.

MdbtoMySql XP: This is more easy to use than the previous one, but is less complete and only allows to convert your Access database to a dump sql file, you can read at My post about MdbToMysql more information about.

Best regards,

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