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Need Help In Composing Application Help

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I have an application that is ready for a beta release at Maxotek. Actually its the third version of Pika Bot. This time though, I am hoping to make some bucks out of it as it won't be completely free. A 30 days evaluation version can be upgraded to the full version at anytime.


The trouble I am facing right now is that Pika Bot is rather complex for the beginners to understand or so it seems from the feedbacks I have got from the previous versions. Adding to it is the limitation of my ability to make others understand. So, I am looking for partners who would help me in making the help system for the application. In return I intend to payout in terms of Paypal balance, but that is only possible after the software hits some sale. The existing online help for the older version of the software can be found at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


I also have a few other products under development, most notably Download Warper, a download manager. If someone intends to become a full time partner at Maxotek, I would be extremely glad. Again, earnings would be shared.


Just to show the quality of existing products, here's the link to the released softwares, all of which are freewares.


Edit: I must add that, I am looking for programmers, help writers and graphics designers.

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