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Setting Up Your Php Server a small introduction on server setup.

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Everyone who wants to practice PHP cant begin just by opening up notepad>Type php codes>Saving it as.php then viewing .No it wont work. Infact, your browser wont recognize it as "it doesnot have the knowledge of php"You can always setup a localhost server where you test your files offline/online on your computer directly.ORYou can always setup a globalhost server where you find a host supporting PHP.Features that you should look for in a host:-CronJobs(optional but usually recommended) :Cron Jobs are scripts processed at set intervals of time. Suppose on a php made game on a cron-supporting host, i want to run a life-giving script but i dont want to visit the script every day or hour. So cron jobs give you options in which you can run scripts at seconds,minutes,hours,days,months,years...etcWays it can be used::::In games..etc for setting ticks for resetting or deleting or updating..etc::::::In Corporate Websites, where it can be used for repairing database tables which have overhead.:::Many other ways also in which it can be used.-----------------Php/Mysql Support-------------------Good Interface----------------User-Friendly and Active Customer SupportAnd many other things to look for in a host.------------------------------------------When setting up a local server, you have to go through the pains of downloading:-Mysql:Database-PHP:Tells your browser that php is a present language..etc-Apache:The Server for using php scripts.All this can be saved and done in time by downloading:WAMP : Windows Apache Mysql PHPorLAMP:Linux Apache Mysql PHPWamp/Lamp comes with 1 click installation, great support and lots of features, and all in one pack.Best part:Its all freeeeee!Thats all for now. I will post more info on this soon.-Aldo

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