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Login Help a lil help with the login page

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HI,I want to build a login page, in which people can sign up and log in to view particular areas of the website can someone help me I know how to build the page like the button and text but not sure how to use it properly. thanx in advanceim srry if im asking for too much but im kinda new at programming

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Hi shaheerpak, I'm not targetting you personally, so don't get offended. I've seen a lot of ppl asking the same basic questions all over this forum. That brings the questions,

1. You really knows nothing about how and where to get started
2. You don't know how to search the forum for previously asked questions OR search for tutorials in the web
3. You're hoping to get some sample code to start off and probably use it as is
4. You're not really interested to learn
5. You just want to get your assignment done

For what I think, if you're really interested to learn or at least curious to know how it works, you would have looked into books or googled for tutorials. Just search for "php login tutorial", you'll get 14million hits. php login tutorial

So, asking question and you ended up being thrown off. Well , I guess quite a lot of us here are lazy to answer this questions already, considering no one has replied in the last 12 hours.

So, again when you should be asking questions? Question asked should have been more tricky or don't have a straight forward answer. Asking how to build a login page is like asking how to fill a bottle. Instead, if you ask something say how to limit the number of character in the login name. That might bring some interest among those who would answer. Because at least we knows that you've tried something, and got stuck due to unknown reason. It shows that you've put some effort into it before you start asking questions.

I might be wrong, and you're just being unlucky that I reply to you like this. Actually for the previous few poster with similar question, I wanted to reply the same, just that I hold up until now.

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A few months ago a similar post was posted on the board. It included the code to actually make a simple login system. It uses php and mysql, which you should know how to use before you go and start this project. As faulty said, if you don't know what you're doing, best leave it alone. No offense.

The link to the topic is http://forums.xisto.com/topic/93714-topic/?findpost=1064374499, if you understand this, it is a simple login system that should get you what you want.

If you want something a bit easier to start with, you might consider the bravenet website tools. They have heaps of tools for your website, its all free, you just need to sign up and copy the code from their website, into yours and it will all work! They have a 'Password Protection' tool, similar to what you are asking for, you just enter usernames and passwords on their site, copy the code and it will work. No messing around in the coding etc etc. The link is http://www.bravenet.com/webtools/passwd/.

Hopefully this is what you are after. If you want to start looking into programming, i suggest tutorials on the internet (as faulty has said), if your just looking for a quick solution for your website, bravenet may be the way for you!
Good Luck,

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You guys are so democratic in the way you answer this person's question! Kudos to you. I agree that Bravenet's password system might be just what you're looking for. Maybe if you can provide us with a sample of what type of information you want users to password protect, then we can help you. But the bravenet tool should be useful for simple purposes. If you want to be more 'professional' then use your own script, or pay someone for their hard work. Or just go on the internet and learn how to use a search engine. It's that easy!

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