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Hide Programs 1.0 For Windows

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If you are looking for a program which will allow you to hide items from add\remove list in Control Panel and Start Menu items, you've come to the right place.
Hide Programs 1.0 lets you hide any installed programs from your Start Menu and from Add\Remove Programs List.

You can use Hide Programs 1.0 to

* prevent others from uninstalling the programs you have installed
* prevent other users from knowing what programs you have installed
* remove the programs which cannot be uninstalled correctly to speedup loading Add\Remove programs list in Control Panel

Hide Programs 1.0 is absolutely free. Click here to download Hide Programs 1.0.

If you are looking for a software that will allow you to hide any running program to background from taskbar, screen, and system tray, you need another our program - Hide Window Plus.
Hide Any Program From Taskbar, Screen and Tray with Hide Window Plus - Instantly and Reliably!
Hide Programs from Taskbar, Screen and Tray
download now!

Hide Window Plus lets you hide programs to background from taskbar, screen and system tray with a single keystroke or a right click on the Close button.

The programs will be hidden to background and will be working totally invisibly.

You can later un-hide all hidden programs with a keyboard shortcut.

This tool also allows you to run a screensaver, turn off the display or mute the sound in no time using keyboard shortcuts.

Hide Window Plus can run absolutely invisibly in the background, without cluttering your system tray. Hide Window Plus helps you to

* protect your privacy
* solve taskbar cluttering problem
* save batteries power of your laptop

Who needs Hide Window Plus

You need this program, if you want to:

* Play a game at work without being caught
* Hide your work from nosy coworkers
* Keep gifts youâre shopping for a surprise
* Hide your IM conversations from your boss
* Hide running programs which you don't need at the moment to background
* Visit websites you donât want your coworkers, family or housemates to see
* Work, or play, without other people being able to see what youâre doing

Additinal features

Hide Window Plus is not only windows hider software, it also lets you

* Run the screensaver with a keyboard shortcut
* Turn off the display with a keyboard shortcut
* Mute the sound with a keyboard shortcut

Why use Hide Window Plus

* It helps you to feel safer and more confident
* It helps you remove extra clutter form the taskbar
* It protects your privacy

Download Link Click Here!
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