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Limewire 4.14.8

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FeaturesThe latest and greatest new additions to LimeWire 4.14

* Bittorrent Support Built-In
Many ways to get files -- all in one application!
* Better Control Over Shared Folders
Revamped sharing options give you finer control over what goes onto the network.
* System Tray Notifications
See when your downloads finish, no matter what app you're in.
* Mojito DHT (Distributed Hash Table) Support
Better locates those rare files and makes it easier to resume stalled downloads.
* TLS (Transport Layer Security) Support
Keep your connections safe & secure.

And LimeWire still has all of these great features:

No spyware. No adware. Guaranteed.
* Firewall to Firewall Transfers.
Since about 60% of users are currently firewalled, this feature greatly increases the amount of content on the network.
* Faster network connections.
Using new "UDP Host Caches", LimeWire starts up and connects faster then ever before!
* Universal Plug 'N Play.
UPnP support allows LimeWire to find more search results and have faster downloads.
* iTunes Integration.
Windows and Mac users can now take advantage of LimeWire's iTunes integration.
* Creative Commons Integration.
LimeWire now recognizes OGGs and MP3s licensed under a Creative Commons License.
* "What's New?" feature.
Users can browse the network for the most recent content additions.
* Search drill down results.
Searches in LimeWire now immediately display information that fully describes files.
* Proxy support.
Users can now use web proxies to route their downloads to protect their identity.
* Support for International searches and International groups.
Users can now search in any language, and LimeWire ensures that a user will be connected to other users with their own language to aide international users to receive search results in their native language and to find content from sources that are close to home.

Change Log:
4.13.11 (07.11.2007)
- Fixed uploads to cancel if they are inactive for too long.
- Fixed checking 'Accept' encoding values during HTTP transfers.
- Fixed some errors where an upload was improperly cancelled due to read
timeouts, when no read was being attempted. Extra special thanks to 'RickH'
for his help tracking this down.
- Fixed a very rare error where uploads could stall if no other network
activity was occuring.
- Fixed an error if connections were asked for their ip/port prior to starting
a connect attempt.
- Bittorrent downloads can now be previewed if the torrent is for a single file.
- Browse Host requests now send the correct 'Host' header.
- Fixed a bug where a newly-unshared folder could be re-shared on next startup
if that folder had previously been explicitly shared and a parent of that
folder was also shared.
- Added much more informative dialogs for sharing new folders, allowing the user
to easily see and choose which subfolders are shared.
- Completely disallowed sharing any folder that is a root.
- Removed support for an older update mechanism.
- Enabled outgoing TLS by default and added an option to disable TLS if required.
- Added the ability to change the banners for upgrading to PRO.
- Added the ability to change the 'Official LimeWire Results' message.
- Fixed an error related to clicking 'Find More Sources' for a file whose
keywords were all longer than 30 characters.
- Added the ability to limit update notifications to specific versions of an OS.
- Added a fallback update request via HTTP if no new network update messages
arrive in a certain period of time.
- Updated the About window.
- Added the ability to select multiple files and/or folders when choosing to
share new files/folders from the library.
- Re-arranged the Program Files/LimeWire folder on Windows, to reduce errors
associated with upgrading.
- Recognize when loading the tray icon fails, and allow LimeWire to properly
- Improve the speed with which icons in the library are displayed on non-Windows
- Fixed searching through the Options to remove characters like ",[];:.
- Added many, many, many new translations.

4.13.10 (06.29.2007)
- Fixed some errors associated with the new large file support.
- Fixed some display errors with the new notification windows.
- Removed the 'Scan For Files' part of the setup wizard.

4.13.9 (06.29.2007)
- Large File support: LimeWire can now share and transfer files up to 1TB large.
- Added support for accepting and connecting using TLS, with only accepting
currently enabled.
- Fixed a memory leak on windows related to painting file icons. Extra special
thanks to 'hopalong' for his help tracking this down.
- Snappier UI when there are a lot of downloads in progress on Windows.
- Notification popups when a download completes.
- Fixed some columns not appearing properly on Java 1.6.
- Optimized looking up hosts when connecting to the network.
- Removed support for Gnutella clients that do not support GGEP extensions.
- Fixed some more DHT deadlocks.
- Workaround errors creating temporary directories on Windows.
- Removed GWebCache support.
- Display a better error message if LimeWire is unable to create a settings and
temporary settings directory.

4.13.8 (06.13.2007)
- Internal build changes.
- Limit the size of HTTP Headers when uploading.
- Fixed to close uploading resources if an upload is explicitly killed.

4.13.7 (06.13.2007)
- Rewrote upload code to be much more efficient, use less resources, and upload
much faster.
- Updated international support so that files containing foreign characters can
now be properly launched, deleted, etc... on Windows 2000+.
- Fixed to now wors properly when installed outside of Program Files on
international versions of Windows.
- Updated to not need Administrator privileges on Vista to work properly.
- Fixed for downloads occasionally stalling if the disk becomes backed up.
- Workaround some more freezing network activity in earlier versions of Java.
- Reduce the memory required when someone performs a browse host on you.
- Warn people running in a beta or early release version of Java 1.6.0 that
there will be problems.
- Added an option to delete files directly instead of always moving to the
recycle bin (or trash), when deleting files from the library.
- Fixed the sizing of the Options window when font sizes are changed.

4.13.6 (05.25.2007)
- Fixed a very annoying error when the audio player wasn't visible.

4.13.5 (05.24.2007)
- Added ability to change the font sizes (from the View menu).
- Fixed broken BinaryHeap data structure.
- Fixed various DHT-related deadlocks.
- Made the DHT more resilient to attacks.
- Fixed occasional problems with pausing and/or resuming torrents.
- Made OOB results a little harder to spoof.
- Fixes that should decrease traffic to ultrapeers.
- Added a network-level filter for hostile hosts.
- Improved reliability for F2F transfers.
- Workaround some more errors with filechoosing.
- Fixed search result selection problems on OSX.

4.13.4 (05.09.2007)
- Fixed storing Mojito DHT routing tables between session.
- Updated Mojito DHT to be more resilient in the face of hostile nodes in a
- Workaround freezing network activity in earlier versions of Java.
- Fixed BitTorrent to again work with HTTP/SOCKS proxies.
- Fixed FW-FW transfers to work with old BearShare clients.
- Updated hostile detection for connecting to hosts.
- Fixed potential problem with requesting invalid files from malicious
query replies.

4.13.3 (05.01.2007)
- Fixed collections that expire to work reliably using nanoseconds.
- Fixed generating unique random sequences to not go over a maximum value.
- Added ability to inspect LimeWire for usage statistics.
- Added ability to change what algorithm is used to determine if a file is rare.
- Fixed counting the number of bytes read in a stream to work correctly when
EOF is reached.
- Updated many network-related checks to work with IPv6.
- Fixed checking if an IP address is "this computer" to work on computers
with multiple interfaces and/or addresses.
- Added the ability for Mojito DHT to publish certain Gnutella-specific values.
- Fixed deadlocks associated with the Mojito DHT.
- Fixed the Mojito DHT to use threads that will record when errors occur.
- Fixed exception with sending chats occasionally.
- Fixed reading old downloads.dat files.
- Fixed errors sending query replies occasionally.
- Fixed 'Explore' button launching the the file instead of displaying it.
- Fixed upload bandwidth display to be more accurate.
- Reduced the number of digits shown for MB, TB, GB, etc..
- Fixed upload progress from halting at 99%.
- Updated run.bat to always work.
- Hide the license dialog when viewing a secure search result.
- Fixed stripping numbers and lowercasing the search when doing an XML search.
- Updated using HTTP/SOCKS proxies to use non-blocking I/O (and not require
additional threads).
- Added the client-side of using secure OOB queries / replies.
- Validate the URI used for BitTorrent trackers.
- Fixed timing issues associated with saving BT data to disk and closing or
cancelling a torrent.
- Fix the "key" parameter sent to trackers in BitTorrent.
- Fix spam checking to look at XML data in replies too.
- Updated connecting to avoid hostile hosts and subnets.
- Added the ability to run LimeWire from a temporary settings directory if
the expected directory can't be written to.
- Update the GUID used for BitTorrent to have different LW BT versions.
- Loosened the requirements for boostrapping into the Mojito DHT.
- Fix updating of FW-FW alternate locations when using a non-FW-FW transfer to
not update the location with an incorrect port.
- Fix cleaning up a temporarily stalled download (busy, out of sources, etc..)
to ensure that all pending disk writes are processed.
- Updated the adult keyword filter.
- Fixed the adult filter for "What's New" searches to work when more than one
search is happening at once.
- Updated keyword filters to look inside XML data.
- Updated deadlock reporting to report errors within the I/O system.
- Send more session information when a bug is reported.
- Updated deadlock reports to contain more detailed information about what
methods have locked what objects.
- Updated the default GUI error handling to not ignore errors from within
the new LimeWire component hierarchy.
- Fixed an error associated with displaying errors before the splash screen
is constructed.
- Workaround LimeWire freezing due to Swing deadlocks whne starting up.
- Update the progressbar on the splashscreen to display percentages.
- Added warnings for Windows Vista when setting directories to unsafe locations.
- Center the chat window on the screen if the middle of the visible window is
outside of the viewable area.
- Enable inactive downloads to be explored.

4.13.2 (02.23.2007)
- Fixed the maximum number of sources remembered when using GUESS as a backup
for failed downloads.
- Fixed the Thread that processes bug reports to not stop LimeWire from closing.
- Fixed bug reports to send the thread name and detail messages correctly.

4.13.1 (02.21.2007)
- Added Mojito DHT.
- Added a 'Mojito DHT Arcs View' through Tools -> Advanced to visualize Mojito
DHT network traffic.
- Fixed problem downloading torrents with no name, or an empty list of files.
- Fixed some race conditions in downloading torrents.
- Fixed problem reading corrupted torrent data from disk.
- Fixed a problem pausing & resume torrents very quickly.
- Fixed adding (or not adding) a completed torrent download to the library.
- Fixed maximum torrent limit to be higher for Vista.
- Fixed experimental torrent disk writer to fail gracefully on non-Sun JVMs.
- Fixed saving torrent information to flush in-memory data to disk.
- Added ability to download .torrent files through Gnutella and automatically
begin a complete torrent download.
- Fixed error where one faulty incoming connection could cause all incoming
connections to fail.
- Fixed timing errors with previewing downloads and launching files from the
- Disabled the 'Describe' button in the library when a folder is selected.
- Ensured the 'Search Results' node in the library is visible after a search
through files is done.
- Fixed library search to discard invalid characters.
- Workaround strange CSS parsing errors.
- Ignore more exceptions associated with opening filechoosers on XP.
- Allow the user to select and block multiple hosts through a nice list.
- Display file sizes in the current language instead of the system default.
- Fixed requesting many FW-FW downloads at once to not run out of memory.
- Added ability to share files for a single session.
- Fix sending UDP pongs to not degenerate into the same set of hosts.
- Recognize when LimeWire is corrupted and warn the user.
- Add the server-side of a more secure out-of-band reply mechanism.
- Send a secure search result to requests for LimeWire.
- Disconnect from users who have a corrupted version of LimeWire.
- Read public keys from the code, instead of other files.
- Share .torrent files on Gnutella until torrent stops or tracker dies.
- Fixed using BitTorrent over proxies.
- Fixed error when BitTorrent file length is exact multiple of chunk size.
- Apply Content Filtering to BitTorrent requests.
- Fixed tracker timeout problems with BitTorrent downloads.
- Fixed race condition when requesting GWebCaches.
- Fixed clicking a magnet link that points to a .torrent file.
- Fixed and improved chat. This will not work until the user you're connecting
to has upgraded.
- Report the number of times LimeWire has attempted to workaround XPSP2's socket
limit during a bug report.
- Fixed reading corrupted download data to not show an error.
- Add support for blocking ranges of hostile IP addresses.
- Fixed banning *.*.*.* and using whitelists.
- Fixed fencepost error reading a Gnutella message of type 255.
- Fixed a possible deadlock when sending UDP responses to download HEAD requests.
- Added abilility for UDP crawler to request node uptime and DHT information.
- Fix an error with pooling inflaters & deflaters to reduce memory use.
- Fix a wrong default value for FW-FW transfer optimizations.
- Fixed an error where editing the metadata of a file in the library could
change the wrong file if the exact same file was shared elsewhere in your
- Updated the BitTorrent options to use two different panes.
- Generate and send a bug report if LimeWire freezes.
- Ignore errors when calculating the preferred sizes of a progress bar.
- Added a 'Logging' tab that displays more detailed information about LimeWire's
- Fixed startup to not stall or crash on certain Java versions when loading
native icons.
- Workaround Java 1.5 errors opening a filechooser on Vista.
- Added an hourglass icon after 'Preview' or 'Launch' is clicked, while the file
is prepared for viewing.
- Added ability to search through every option in the Options dialog.
- Fixed shutting LimeWire down if the native tray icon failed to load.
- Added a warning about secure Lime Wire LLC search results.
- Fixed too much memory use from upload lines not removing correctly.
(Thanks to Jens-Uwe Mager)
- Fixed a file descriptor leak when creating secure random number generators.
- Fixed and optimized generating unique random sequences.
(Thanks to Karl Magdsick)
- Fixed problem with comparing version numbers. (Thanks to Jens-Uwe Mager)
- Fixed run.bat for open-source users. (Thanks to Cameron Walsh)
- Fixed labels that contained URLs to take the border size into account when
determing their preferred size.
- Added ability to detect and report when LimeWire is frozen.
- Added new wrappers for writing and reading data to/from disk, to ensure it
is valid and not tampered.
- Updated split panes to use a continuous layout when resizing.

4.12.11 (01.29.2007)
- Fix an error where the "Application Data" directory was never used.

4.12.10 (01.26.2007)
- Fix an error where newer installations might not be able to find any stable
connections after many users updated.

4.12.9 (01.25.2007)
- Fix an error where loading LimeWire could stall or crash if running Java 1.6.

4.12.8 (01.24.2007)
- (Internal build changes.)

4.12.7 (01.24.2007)
- Update Vista compatibility.
- Add security warning about unofficial search results.
- Embed keys within the program instead of using extra files.
- Warn if LimeWire appears to be overtaken by a trojan.
- Fix sending pongs to not degenerate into the same set of hosts.
- Lock-down UDP crawling.
- Send a bug report if it looks like the program is frozen.
- Updated LimeWire.exe.

4.13.0 (10.30.2006)
- Integrate Bittorrent.
- Require Java 1.5.
- Many, many behind-the-scenes changes to modularize the code. Nearly every
single source file was altered.
- Added support for reading metadata from files in Quicktime format.
- Added support for reading metadata from files in MPEG 1 & MPEG 2 format.
- Fixed editing MP3 files to not use 'unsynchronization', which caused Windows
Explorer to be unable to interpret the metadata.
- Move deleted files to the Recycle Bin on Windows and Trash on OSX.
- Display "&" instead '&", "'" instead of "'", and other fixes for
metadata if the metadata incorrectly contained these converted values.
- Begin all file or directory choosers in the last directory that was used,
instead of the current working directory.
- Added the ability to drop new files or folders on LimeWire and have LimeWire
ask if you want to share them.
- Added the ability to drag search results to the download table and have them
start downloading.
- Added the ability to drag files into the media player and have them added to
the playlist.
- Added the ability to drag magnet links, torrent files, and torrent links onto
LimeWire and have them start.
- Updated D&D to work on Linux.
- Fix to set the icon to an hourglass while a preview is being constructed after
double-clicking on a download-in-progress.
- Remove magnet protocol check from LimeWire launcher and put it in LimeWire.exe
- Allow the user to choose whether or not they want LimeWire to be their default
magnet handler.
- Do not display hidden files in the library.
- Add a 'Search in Shared Files' searchbox into the library.
- Allow multiple hosts to blocked at once from search results.
- Fix to show that a download in 'Connecting...' status is really hitting more
hosts, by adding 'Connecting (tried ## hosts)' after 15 hosts are tried.
- Fix display of 'Length' and other formatted metadata values in tooltips and
filterboxes to show as 'HH:MM:SS' instead of a big number in seconds.
- Allow browse-host to work on yourself even if you're firewalled or in a
private network.
- Allow files resumed from the library to go to the proper directory for the
file's mediatype.
- Analyze all data files when starting to detect errors and ignore them, instead
of failing to startup.
- Fix many issues related to upload requests improperly being rejected.
- Improve security of OOB replies.
- Use a pool for deflater / inflater objects, reducing the amount of memory
required for initiating connections, sending/reading query replies with XML,
and sending/reading QRP tables.
- Re-enable the magnetmix button by default.
- Use the built-in XML parser instead of bundling an additional xerces parser.
- Fix scanning for stalled uploads to reduce the number of 'watchdog' objects
- Fix launching processes to display a message if the process failed to launch.
- Add support for binding to a specific IP address when creating outgoing
- Internationalize the popupmenu from the system tray.
- Force Windows icons to be refreshed when LimeWire takes a filetype association.
- Open a URL on Windows without requiring the "donotremove.htm" file.
- Launch a file on Windows using the default command, instead of forcing 'open'
- Skip over invalid characters when reading XML (from the network or from disk).
- Do not print [Fatal Error] or other such comments to the console when parsing
XML from the network.
- Update the About window.
- Remove LimeWire.exe from the Window's firewall exception list if it added
itself when LimeWire started.
- Optimize right-click menu on text fields to not require retrieving the
clipboard contents when determining if 'Paste' is available.
- Update the splash screen.
- Fix remembering the windows size, position & state so that if LimeWire is
maximized, it will start maximized during the next session (instead of
starting restored with a larger window).
- Optimize the tooltip in the statusbar bandwidth indicator to be lazily
- Disable renaming when multiple files are selected in the library.
- Optimize displaying icons of files in the library.
- Fix to allow renaming a file from CAPITALS to capitals (changing the case of
the file) on Windows.
- Re-organized the context menu in the library to offer better 'License' options
- Updated the Creative Commons Publish option into an easy-to-use wizard.
- Fix to not allow invalid directories to be typed into the per-media-type save
directory table.
- Fix to prevent hitting page-up, page-down, etc.. from shifting the search
input panel left or right.
- Fix to prevent fields that aren't searchable from being displayed in the
search input panel.
- Update OSX DMG image & OSX Installer image.
- Use the correct locale for formatting numbers.
- Ignore internal errors when opening a filechooser.
- Added 'Refresh' option to context menu in library.
- Fix to hide the splash screen if a fatal error occurs during startup.
- Fix the LimeWire icon to have correct alpha transparencies and look good on
all versions of Windows.
- Fix saving the playlist to allow saving the existing name again.
- Optimize startup time by expanding themes on demand.
(Contributed by Johannes Blume)
- Fix an exception when changing the save location from or to the root directory
- Fixed run script on Linux / Unix.
- Fix a divide by 0 bug when reading FLAC metadata.
- Ignore internal HttpClient errors related to reading cookies.
- Fix expiration of QueryKeys.
- Optimize throughput of FW-FW transfers.
- Optimize IP whitelist / blacklist to allow a store/lookup of hundreds of
thousands of IPs in under a millisecond.
- Read a 'hostiles.txt' file that will auto-add to the blacklist each startup.
- Don't allow arbitrary errors when sending or reading UDP messages to close the
entire UDP socket.
- Optimized storage-space required for URNs (SHA1 hashes).
- Convert many things to an 'enum' for better type-safety.
- Prevent a socket connect with no timeout from potentially waiting forever.
- Optimize the collection of many small writes to a TCP socket into a single
larger write.
- Fix reading with a read-throttle enabled to reduce massive CPU usage.
- Optimize events in the I/O thread so that events causing data to be
read/written will happen before the throttle is informed of time-elapsing,
allowing the data to be read/written faster.
- Optimize the I/O selector, allowing the selector to sleep until it knows
something is available.
- Fix NIOServerSocket to close all pending accepted sockets when the
ServerSocket is shutdown.

4.12.6 (07.16.2006)
- Add ability to bind outgoing connections to a specific interface.
- Secure multicast replies.
- Finish load-test of filter server.
- Remove a leftover bugs@limewire.com email.

4.12.5 (07.08.2006)
- Load-test the filter server.

4.12.4 (06.24.2006)
- Fixed a deadlock that could cause downloads and the GUI to stall.

4.12.3 (06.20.2006)
- Fixed upload bug that prevented more than 5 active uploads.

4.12.2 (06.20.2006)
- Fixed bug that lost track of some connecting sockets, leaving connections
and downloads stuck in a connecting state forever.
- Added many translations.

4.12.1 (06.13.2006)
- Fixed a bug that could cause a division by 0 when calculating the averagewo
connection time.
- Added more debug information to bug reports.
- Ignore incomplete files that have incorrect filesizes.
- Better socket timeout handling.
- Added many translations.

4.12.0 (06.12.2006)
- Fixed average uptime reported while crawling to include the current session.
- Ignore some errors related to reading from the network faster than LimeWire
can write to disk.
- Ignore some internal HttpClient errors related to malformed cookies.
- Ignore errors while parsing invalid FLAC metadata.
- Ignore errors caused by parsing ID3v2 data with malformed custom genres.
- Fix iniitialization to ensure the setting directory can be created before
attempting to create it and failing.
- Ignore errors caused by failing to retrieve native icons.
- Add more debug information to various errors.

4.11.4 (06.09.2006)
- Added ability to retrieve average connected uptime while crawling.
- Added more session information to bug reports.
- Fixed uploading to use 3KB instead of 3B for determining if more uploads can
be allowed. This should significantly increase download/upload speeds as
more people update to newer versions.
- Updated downloading to clear cached data after each download finishes, in
order to reduce memory requirements.
- Reduced the amount of cached buffers.
- Fixed reading very corrupted spam training data so that LimeWire will not
- Updated the 'About' page.
- Fixed the way native icons are retrieved so that starting LimeWire is faster.
- Fixed 'Mark As Spam' button so that it can be toggled back and forth.

4.11.3 (06.07.2006)
- Fixed reading saved creation-time file to ignore corruption.
- Added debugging information to some errors while sending UDP packets.
- Added debugging information to errors while downloading.
- Hopefully fixed errors where a download source gets added after the download
has finished.
- Hopefully fixed errors where multiple download sources attempt to download
the same ranges.
- Fixed error while downloading caused by closing the download from a different
- Fixed error while writing downloaded data to disk if the local cache was full.
- Fixed a possible cause of 100% CPU usage that would occur often on Ultrapeers.
- Handle errors when the system runs out of memory while reading from a socket.
- Ignore errors caused by out-of-date DLLs being used.
- Ignore some errors related to DAAP (iTunes sharing) being an inconsitent state.
- Workaround errors caused by using a progressbar on a custom skinned Windows XP.
- Fixed errors caused by not including log4j in the installation.
- Fixed an error caused by saving a download to the root directory.
- Fixed search filters to display and sort bitrate & length properly.
- Fixed some errors with editing metadata of a file that had metadata from
more than one schema (audio, video, etc..).
- Added many more translations.

4.11.2 (06.01.2006)
- Fixed error caused by a Gnutella connection connecting quicker than expected.
- Fixed to not allow duplicate incoming connections from the same host.
- Fixed to not attempt connecting to the same host muliple times at once.
- Fixed Gnutella handshake responses to give useful error messages.
- Fixed Ultrapeer peer connections to allow a small number of "not good"
non-LimeWire peer connections.
- Fixed a potential deadlock scenario while connecting to the network.
- Fixed downloading to never stall in 'Downloading' as the download was almost
- Fixed downloading to never stall in 'Connecting' state if multiple pushes
were using the same client GUID.
- Fixed downloading to never attempt to steal ranges from the same source
more than once.
- Added more information to errors while downloading.
- Fixed to ignore some rare errors while parsing MP3 metadata.
- Fixed to report a friendly error message if LimeWire attempts to open a file
that another process has locked.
- Fixed an error caused by right-clicking a file in the library with a strange
filename like "_".
- Fixed Windows icon shown in title bar and alt-tab to be a prettier icon.
- Fixed LimeWire PRO splash screen to be a valid image file.
- Fixed initial splash screen handling to work better if the image can't be
- Fixed language flag to have a default globe image show if the flag can't be
- Fixed initial splash screen to support the new Application Data preferences
directory on Windows.
- Fixed the setup wizard on Linux with the GTK theme to not error.
- Fixed an error with the setup wizard scan progressbar on Windows with a custom
skin set.
- Fixed handling response data to not error if strange response indexes are used.
- Added many, many, many more translations.

4.11.1 (05.24.2006)
- Updated incoming connection handling to not require a new thread for each
incoming connection. This will decrease memory and resource requirements
for all Ultrapeers and anyone who shares a large number of files.
- Improved firewall-firewall transfer support. These kinds of transfers will
use less memory and resources than prior versions.
- Vastly improved download handling. All downloads are now processed on a
single thread, which will decrease memory and resource requirements for all
- Removed artificial bandwidth limitiation of ~150KB/s per host. LimeWire will
now upload and download at the full available capacity.
- Improved temporary buffer storage. LimeWire will make use of preallocated
buffers, using much less overall memory.
- Fixed download throttle to apply to all downloaded traffic (including HTTP
header traffic).
- Updated DAAP (iTunes Sharing) to be snappier and use less memory.
- Updated DAAP (iTunes Sharing) to use the same I/O subsystem as the rest of
- Updated DAAP (iTunes Sharing) to allow Videos to be shared also.
- Added the ability to append (#) to duplicate downloaded files. Thanks to
'MaTZ' for contributing this!
- Fixed reading saved spam training data so that corrupted data will not crash
- Fixed 'Print All Stack Traces' in the Console to print multiple stack traces
from threads with the same name.
- Improved the look & feel of the LimeWire Setup Wizard dialogs.
- Added the ability for LimeWire to automatically add itself to the Windows
Firewall Exception list, removing one step from the LimeWire Setup Wizard for
Windows XP users (and improving LimeWire's experience for those who set it
up incorrectly).
- Removed bugs@limewire.com links and instead directed people to 'Support' on
- Fixed 'No Internet Connection' dialog so it only appears once instead of
stacking up multiple times if you're away from the computer.
- Added a new 'Language Button' to the status bar, so users who see LimeWire in
a strange language have an easy way to fix it.
- Added the ability to 'Get More Results', which will do another search and not
erase results already displayed. Thanks to Philip Schalm for contributing
- Fixed 'bitrate' column to sort properly.
- Fixed 'length' column to display time in HH:MM:SS instead of a lot of seconds.
- Added the ability to edit the metadata of many files at once by selecting
them all and choosing 'Describe' in the library.

4.11.0 (03.10.2006)
- Improved connection management. LimeWire will use much less resources and
memory when making outgoing connections or starting a download.
- Support for 'Secure Results'. These are messages that LimeWire can verify are
secure and not tampered with in any way. Some messages that contain risky
data (such as a URL to go to) are discarded if they are not secure. Secure
Results will appear in your search results quality column with a 'lock' icon
instead of the stars.
- Support for 'Content Filtering'. This allows users to optionally have
LimeWire check all files they upload and/or download against a list of content
that copyright owners have requested be removed from the network. This
feature is in active development. To learn more about it, visit
the content filtering 'about' page.
- Improved temporary task handling. LimeWire will use a pool of cached threads
to handle long-lived tasks instead of constructing a new one for each. This
should significantly improve performance on some machines.
- Improved checking for a live internet connection. LimeWire should do a better
job of knowing when the internet is alive or not.
- Fixed the sizing of the LimeWire GUI. It will now take into account all sorts
of intrusions on the desktop space, such as the dock on OSX or taskbar on
Windows (be it on the top, left, bottom, or right). Folks who liked to keep
LimeWire maximimized may have noticed that it shrank slightly every time
LimeWire was restarted. This is now fixed.

4.10.9 (02.12.2006)
- Reduced increased amount of disk I/O by reverting change that uncapped the
implicit bandwidth limit. We'll fix it a better way for a future version.
- Fixed resuming incomplete files to do a full scan only if actually necessary.
- Added ability to print all stack traces to the Console window by holding down
Ctrl & Alt when pressing 'Save' in the Console tab. (Note that this only
works if using Java 1.5 or above.)

4.10.8 (02.11.2006)
- Fixed network operations on machines with older versions of Java.

4.10.6 / 4.10.7 (02.10.2006)
- Fixed searching to not stop early if many spam results arrive.
- Fixed checking for a live internet connection.
- Fixed downloading to try new hosts at the end of a download if the current
one is going very slow.
- Fixed resuming incomplete files to scan the existing file for data, so that
resuming may start with more than 0% downloaded.
- Fixed all network activity to not have an implicit bandwidth cap of ~150kbps
per stream. Transfers now have a nearly infinite bandwidth limit.
- Added support for sharing video files via DAAP (to programs such as iTunes).
- Fixed so that some international characters do not cause errors when sending
a search.
- Fixed search results so that if junk results are sent to the bottom and no
column is sorted, junk results are still sent to the bottom.
- Fixed tooltips on search results so that the filename of each result isn't

4.10.5 (01.19.2006)
- LimeWire works on Intel-based Macs now! :blink:
- Fix a bug that would make LW crash with some foreign caracters
- Minor download bugfixes

4.10.4 (01.18.2006)
- Fix a serious download bug; that will make downloads start much faster
- Fix a bug where old incomplete downloads would start from 0%
- Fix a rare freeze upon startup

4.10.3 (01.05.2006)
- Make the console tab save easier to use by beta testers

4.10.2 (01.04.2006)
- Fix for an error with displaying the tooltips on the connections tab

4.10.1 (01.03.2006)
- Fix for sorting of junk results
- Small changes to the UPnP code for some weird routers

4.10.0 (12.22.2005)
- New splashscreens! :D
- Fix for brushed metal theme on OSX

4.9.41 (12.20.2005)
- Minor tweaks to the filter
- Bugfix for getting too many results when the filter degenerates

4.9.40 (12.19.2005)
- More spam filter improvements
- Fix displaying/hiding of spam results
- Make results from What's New bypass the filter as well

4.9.39 (12.16.2005)
- Change the spam filter gui
- Small bugfixes
- Make results from Browse Host bypass the filter

4.9.38 (12.13.2005)
- First version of the spam filter
- Fixed spanish translations
- Ability to publish files to the internet archive

4.9.37 (11.25.2005)
- Prevent a crash when trying to start a search for a download with a weird name

4.9.36 (11.24.2005)
- Fix a bug with search button dissapearing
- Other small bugifxes

4.9.35 (10.20.2005)
- Add "Explore" button to the download window
- Add the ability to start a search from a download
- Various fixes

4.9.34 (10.14.2005)
- Add the ability to describe files from different media types with many more
- Move the default preferences directory to a more Windows-friendly location

4.9.33 (10.07.2005)
- Small fix for another metadata edit refresh problem.

4.9.32 (10.05.2005)
- Small fix for metadata edit refresh problem.

4.9.31 (10.04.2005)
- Added a tool in the Library for publishing audio files under a creative
commons license.

4.9.30 (09.13.2005)
- Fixed race condition with ultrapeer, peer, and leaf connections.
- Added special settings for becoming an ultrapeer.

4.9.29 (09.09.2005)
- Fixed nodes thinking they were firewalled when they were not.
- Fixed a rarely occurring freeze on shutdown.

4.9.28 (08.25.2005)
- Added option to filter .asf and .wmv filetypes.
- Small changes to the update mechanism.

4.9.27 (08.23.2005)
- Eliminate old installers from the network share.

4.9.26 (08.22.2005)
- Fixed broken What's New searches.

4.9.25 (08.18.2005)
- Release version of 4.9.24.

4.9.24 (08.16.2005)
- Always try to reconnect even if there is no Internet connection.

4.9.23 (08.15.2005)
- Release version of 4.9.22 Beta.

4.9.22 (08.12.2005)
- Fixed Tip of the Day appearing behind the main application window.

4.9.21 (08.11.2005)
- Fixed broken native file launching on Windows.
- Better tree spacing in the Options and Statistics windows.

4.9.20 (08.10.2005)
- Do not display preference item for tray icon if platform does not support tray
- Fix problem where License Warning dialog would reappear after visiting
Searching -> Basic option pane.
- Fixed a few small typos.
- Attempted to fix missing Win98 tray icon.

4.9.19 (08.09.2005)
- Added preference for displaying tray icon while LimeWire window is visible.
- Reprioritize threads so that GUI thread is given slighter higher priority than
other threads.
- Downloads now remember at least one source across LimeWire sessions.

- Fixed typo in bandwidth indicator options.
- Fixed some flickering behavior in the tray icon.

- Fixed a potential deadlock in FileManager.
- Improved GUI responsiveness when clearing finished downloads.
- Eliminated excess memory usage when sharing lots of files.

- Minor bug fixes.

- Minor bug fixes.

- Minor bug fixes.

- Minor bug fixes.

- Updated Japanese translation.
- Optimized memory usage in several places.

- Release version of 4.9.10.

- New LimeWire 4.9 splash screens.
- Included many new international translations.

- Reverted change to VerifyingFile.
- Small improvements to memory consumption.

4.9.8 (07.26.2005)
- Increased the maximum number of sources from which to swarm.
- Made the default connection speed in the installer to be cable/dsl.
- No longer truncating trailing 'extensions' of folders in the Library table.
- Fixed downloads not necessarily resuming on LimeWire restart.
- The bandwidth indicator now shows a time average over the past several

4.9.7 (07.21.2005)
- More small bug fixes.

4.9.6 (07.20.2005)
- Incorporated column resizing patch from Miguel Munoz.
- More small bug fixes.

4.9.5 (07.18.2005)
- Fix synchronization issues in Shared Files indicator in status bar.
- Ignore lots more UDP errors.
- Don't request hash trees from people without SHA-1s.
- Fix endless recursion on in-network requeries.
- Assert that intervals are positive.
- Reduce memory needed for verifying download chunks.
- Removed possible deadlock with writing to network.
- Assert that values are within a file size when checking for hash tree
- Fixed broken interval comparison for very large files.
- Process in-network updates even if they are missing some important parts.
- Don't assume in-network update message downloads are not already started.
- Catch common errors for Windows XP and provide suggestions on workarounds.
- If the Options window is visible, don't update just-downloaded themes.

4.9.4 (07.14.2005)
- Use theme colors in About LimeWire window.
- More small Download bug fixes.

4.9.3 (07.13.2005)
- Better matching for XML query searches. (A search for 'Limers' now matches
'The Limers').
- More small Download bug fixes.

4.9.2 (07.11.2005)
- Improved status bar, with new bandwidth and firewall indicators and improved
shared files indicator.
- In-network upgrades. LimeWire can automatically retrieve new versions from
the network.
- Media player enabling and disabling no longer requires restart.
- About LimeWire window is up-to-date, with a better architecture for
- Show License column by default in search results and prompt when downloading a
file without a license, offering the option to remember the user's decision.
- Further Library and Download bug fixes from previous beta.

4.9.1 (06.30.2005)
- Fixed display of "downloading" and "incomplete" icons in search results.
- Subfolders are displayed in the Library table.
- Queries with license parameters now return results only with license matches.
- Various Library and Download bug fixes from previous beta

4.9.0 (06.22.2005)
LimeWire now recognizes more types of licenses in the search results. In
addition to Creative Commons licenses, which LimeWire 4.3 added, "Weedshare"
licenses and arbitrary licenses in WMA & WMV files are recognized. If you
enable the 'License' column you can see if any search result had a license.
You can then right-click on the item and choose to 'View License' to verify the
information. As if that wasn't enough, you can now right-click on any search
result and choose to 'Download As', saving the file to any arbitrary location.
You can also choose to search for similiar kinds of results from a new
'Search More' submenu.

In a nutshell, downloads just work better. They're faster, they're smarter,
and they use fewer resources. LimeWire now has vastly improved support for
large files due to a highly optimized swarming algorithm. These features will
continue to speed up downloads even further in the future, as more users

We've gone to great lengths to make sure that you don't accidentally share
files you didn't mean to. LimeWire will now detect directories that are
"sensitive", prompting the user to confirm that they really do want to share
them. You can also now choose to stop sharing a single file from a shared
folder, or stop sharing a subdirectory of a shared folder. For users who want
to share files from arbitrary locations, you can also choose to share any
individual file. These files will show in a special 'Individually Shared Files'
item in the library. The Library tab has also been revamped to give you more
control over what you're sharing while maintaining LimeWire's famous
ease-of-use .

Network Messaging:
The entire messaging architecture has been redesigned and rearchitected to use
less resources and less memory. Ultrapeers should notice a significant speed
and memory improvement when connected to many hosts. In the future this will
allow your searches to return results faster and reach more hosts.

The nitty gritty on changes:
- Changed Gnutella messaging architecture to be single-threaded (using
non-blocking I/O calls).
- Heavily optimized reading & writing of messaging, from TCP, UDP & Multicast.
- Removed many unnecessary threads, allowing LimeWire to use less overall
- Fixed bug where save files for multiple downloaders could conflict. LimeWire
will now prompt for a new save location.
- Added many 'Save Location' features for downloads. You can now choose an
arbitrary save location for any download, as well as change it at any time
during the download.
- LimeWire will now let you know if the file you're downloading matches any
file in the library (via a hash lookup). This is in addition to the
already-existing checks that prompted you about overwriting a file.
- The library now supports sharing (and not sharing) single files and folders.
- LimeWire now recognizes "sensitive" directories, asking the user whether they
really want to share that directory.
- Fixed partial file sharing to only advertise ranges that are verified as
- Fixed alternate locations to be shared among shared files, incomplete files,
and downloads, instead of storing duplicate copies for each.
- Optimized Gnutella connections to leaves (or from leaves to Ultrapeers) to
not use as much memory, since they require less flow control support.
- Optimized query throttling & QRP tables. When LimeWire becomes busy, it now
sends a message telling its Ultrapeer and/or neighbors to stop sending it
queries. The Ultrapeer will remove the leaf's QRP information from the
combined Ultrapeer QRP tables when sending out combined tables, if the leaf
was busy.
- Added many more extensions to the list of shared extensions.
- All message processing and dispatching is now done in a single thread, which
will reduce resources and contention for various shared objects.
- Proxies for downloads are now saved with the download so that firewalled
hosts can be reused when restarting LimeWire.
- Any host who we succesfully connected to while downloading is saved for the
future use if LimeWire restarts.
- Added support for expiring alternation locations after LimeWire sends them
out too many times. This ensures that older hosts who may have left the
network will fall out of memory after some time.
- Updated the default list of GWebCaches.
- Major magnet upgrades. LimeWire now can handle many more magnet links, as
well as automatically opening a search tab for very ambiguous magnets.
- Fixed some errors with inflating & deflating Gnutella message traffic that
could have caused the connection to drop.
- Added support for randomly downloading parts of the file when doing a
download. Preference is given to the beginning of the file for files that
can be previewed. This will ensure that the file is spread to many hosts,
removing a single point of failure, while still allowing you to preview files
as they download.
- Heavily optimized the entire downloading process, giving downloads a major
speed boost.
- Requesting ranges for download from a host can now be done in parallel.
Previously, LimeWire would only request one part of a file per time from any
given host, reducing the speed of a download to the lowest speed of any
connected source.
- Added support for verifying the integrity of a download as the download is
progressing. This will fix the problem where many downloads get to 99% and
then restart. This will also let you know that a download is getting many
corrupt bytes and kill it before it wastes all your bandwidth.
- Fixed the progress-bar in uploads to show the correct progress for swarmed
- Optimized downloading to prefer partial sources & firewalled sources first,
reducing the load on hosts who have the complete file and are not firewalled.
- Fixed many problems where downloads could have disk errors, offering the user
to option to download to a new location.
- Optimized downloading to do disk I/O in a different thread than network I/O.
- Heavily optimized downloads by pinging possible sources prior to connecting.
LimeWire will connect to hosts who respond to the ping first, as well as
learn about other potential sources and whether or not the responding host
was available for uploading.
- Added entries to the library's popup menus that easily allow you to stop
sharing or start sharing one of the files or folders.
- Added the ability for downloads to be saved to different locations based on
the media type of the download.
- Added new 'Saved Folder' entries to the library that show the saved files in
the different media type saved folders.
- Added recognition of "Weedshare" licenses. These are WMA/WMV/ASF files that
are freely shareable and licensed to allow three free plays, after which you
can purchase the file. You'll get a cut of the profit from any other person
who purchases a file that you've shared after purchasing it. Enable the
'License' column in search results to see these kinds of files.
- Added recognition of WMA/WMV/ASF files that require license lookups prior to
playing. Enable the 'License' column in search results to see these kinds of
- Added the ability to parse OGM, AVI, WMA, WMV, ASF and FLAC files for
- Revised the sizes for Tiger Trees at different file size depths to ensure
that validating downloads uses sane block sizes.
- Disallowed a ':' character in search results on OSX.
- Fixed some leaked Sockets if LimeWire was set up to use HTTP or SOCKS
- Updated the schemas for Audio and Video searches, removing unnecessary fields
and improving the order of remaining ones.
- Added the ability to stop sending bugs to LimeWire's bug server for older
LimeWire versions.
- Improved the Internal Error dialog.
- Massively improved the autocompletion, using a dropdown box that allows you
to choose from any possible completion. You can also delete your
autocomplete history at any time, without restarting LimeWire.
- Fixed deadlock in DAAP, for streaming tunes to iTunes.
- Require Java 1.4 for using LimeWire.
- Fixed multi-line labels to expand to the largest unbreakable phrase.
- Added the ability to use installed Java Look & Feels other than LimeWire's
Themes or the system Look & Feel.
- Fixed many issues with standard list editor components (lists that can be
added or remove to) and allowed more keyboard actions.
- Added the ability to send magnet links of search results or files in the
library to the clipboard, for pasting elsewhere.
- Added the ability to start a search for files that are similar to a search
result, a file in the library, or an item in a search filter box.
- Cleaned up the Chat window.
- Cleaned up the Connections tab, changing the 'add' feature into a button that
prompts for further input, and fixing many spacing issues.
- Added more information to the advanced tooltips in downloads.
- Added many more integrity checks prior to starting a download from a search
result, offering the user the option to save to a new file if it is going to
overwrite an existing one, as well as many more options.
- Revamped much of the library, making it more intuitive and easier to use.
- Fixed some tray icon bugs on Linux. LimeWire should now show up correctly in
the system tray.
- Sped up the 'Options' dialog appearing. Inidividual options items are now
lazily loaded as you click on them.
- Added the ability to choose if you want to receive upgrade notices for Major
upgrades, Beta upgrades, or Service releases.
- Added tooltips to the main 'Search Types' in the Search tab.

4.8.1 (03.09.2005)
- Rewrote version update mechanism.
- Removed some unnecessary magnet handling code.
- Fixed deadlock in DAAP code. Thanks to Roger Kapsi for contributing this.
- Move the splash window to the back if there is an error during startup.
Thanks to Felix Berger for contributing this.
- Attempted fix for some fatal startup errors.
- Added tray icon on some Linux systems.
- Removed 'Idle' status indication.
- Reordered items in library popup menu. Thanks to Christopher Johnson for
contributing this.

Download Page Click Here!
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Yeah.. please remove most of that quote. Out of the new things, mostly pointless. Torrents - another program, network folders - rare, system tray popup - copy of Opera and probably others. So slow you probably dont need this. DHT - wtf? guessing torrent stuff. Secure layer stuff? Not ssl, and we're downloading key-logged porn on it anyway.

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