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Something To Start With... I want to start programming

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Ok, I would like to start learning programming but I do not know where to start.

For web designing, I used to use Microsoft FrontPage 2000, that generated somewhat usable pages, but my first experiences with HTML was learning from a book that I got from the library, then I ended up at W3Schools, where I finished learning HTML and started other stuff, like CSS and PHP.


For programming however, my first experience was using Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Express edition, creating a "Hello World!" program (the simplest thing), and then trying to use some free tutorial books from Microsoft. It included video tutorials as well as an eBook that (supposedly) taught you to create 2 programs, a weather watcher sort of thing and a RSS reader. Both didn't work properly once I was done, even the downloaded sample files didn't run properly :blink:


So then I tried something simpler, QBasic. It was very simple actually, and I followed a tutorial for kids, which was located at http://tedfelix.com/qbasic/index.html. It was well-written, and simple to do. But the programs that were created needed QBasic to run, which was fine as long as I'm the only one using them. But that wasn't my intent.


I would like to know if there is something for Visual Basic Express that is as simple to follow and as extensive as W3Schools. Otherwise, I need some ideas to start programming. It seems to be interesting!

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Visual Basic is good to play a while, put more attention on PHP. Anyway, you can try CGI to develop web in Basic (why not?)


MySQL+PHP+APACHE(a little)



1. Install a Linux, and apt-get install mysql php5 apache2 (you have to research what more is needed).

2. Create a DB: 2 tables

a) User: user_id, name, password, enabled

:blink: Post: post_id, user_id, title, description, date, enabled


4. Work on Web Interface for maintenance

5. Work on Web Interface for: Register, Log-in and Log-out



Beginner: 8 hours

Professional: 4 hours

Master: 16hours (really!!!)



Feel free to contact me at any time if you need help with this proposed TODO.



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Maybe you didn't understand my post correctly, but I am already doing web development, in PHP and MySQL.No I do not want to turn my Ubuntu Linux into a server running PHP and MySQL. Yes I already have a login script rigged up on a site that I am running, hosted here at Xisto.I need some tutorials and stuff for Visual Basic Express, not web development.

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Try those.

Although if you say you already know PHP, you might be better of trying to learn C or C++! The're a lot harder than VB, but a lot better in many aspects, and the syntax of C is very similar to the syntax of PHP, where as VB has a totally different syntax.

For c++ tutorials try http://www.cplusplus.com/

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