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The Absolute Bare Minimum Every Programmer Should Know About Regular Expressions

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Well, the title says it all and I really don't have anything to add to that, except to say that this is a really, really powerful technology that is very pervasive in many programming as well as scripting languages and as well in mainstream database products.

I really recommend you put in the time and effort to learn regular expressions, they are power tools that are going to open for you a whole new world of text processing possibilities.


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regexp in PHP Arrays:

Clear blanks:

$array = preg_grep('/[^$]/', $array);

Patterns for zip codes
$zip_code = str_replace(' ','','ZIP CODE');	$pattern = array(	  array(		'/^[[:alnum:]]{6,6}+$/',		'/[[:alpha:]]/',		'/[[:digit:]]/'	  ),	  array(		'/^(\d){5,5}+$/'	  )	);		$is_zip_code = true	for($_j = 0; $_j < count($pattern[$_i]); $_j++){	  $is_zip_code = ($is_zip_code and preg_match($pattern[$_i][$_j],$zip_code));	}

Regexp have power to resume your code in rules, then you are able to change the pattern easily.
There are many tools to create regexp patterns.

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