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You have taken pictures and have made a Web Gallery using Lightbox and Adobe Photoshop CS2 with Ajax, of course. You have enjoyed the experience, but now your Adobe Photoshop CS2 30-day trial is about to expire. What do you do? Grab the LightBox JS Web Gallery Generator !

My hats are off to Mr Pranas. While it was good experience to learn the ropes, so to speak, working with Lightbox and Adobe Photoshop CS2. I really like the crispness and freshness of the Web Gallery that LightBox JS Web Gallery Generator produces.


One new feature is the ability to have your own web galley show right in the middle of the Web Gallery. Clicking on any picture, causes it to "rise" above all the other pictures while the background is darkened. You are told what image number you have selected and the total number of images. Hence you have no doubt in your mind as to where you are at in the Web Gallery and how many pictures you have left to view. In addition, in the upper left hand corner appears a Prev and in the opposite corner a Next when your mouse hoovers over that space. In this way you can view the entire Web Gallery from one spot. No more scrolling across or down to view the entire Picture Show. This is a nice Ajax touch, indeed.


What do you need to activate the LightBox JS Web Gallery Generator? You do need to have .NET Framework installed on your computer. Some of the newer Windows XP or 2000 comes with it preinstalled. If not then you need to download .NET Framework and maybe even the Windows 3 Installer.

(You may have to google the Windows 3 Installer for a different site if you have less than Windows Service Pack 3)


Once you have .NET Framework installed on your computer, just leave it and forget it. It is just a prerequisite to get your LightBox JS Web Gallery Generator to open up into a nice small application that can sit on your desktop, if you like. If you have looked at my Lightbox and Adobe Photoshop CS2 review you really don't need a tutorial. Just scroll down on the LightBox JS Web Gallery Generator download site and see what the application should look like and what the Web Gallery produced looks like and you're in business. This application is similar to the Adobe Photoshop CS2 panel in that it has a Source and Destination folder that you must specify. In addition if you want to add the Web Gallery to your website you need to supply the LightBox JS Web Gallery Generator with a web page from your site that you put <%WG%> in the body. The generator will find that <%WG%> and substitute your new Web Gallery onto that page, otherwise it will produce an Error Message.


The only feature I see missing, is the ability to automatically add captions if you do not want to use your image filenames as captions. To add captions, instead of filenames, to your pictures you still have to manually go into the html pages generated and add them. To find out how to do this please see my Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Web Gallery review.


Well, this was a pleasing surprise to be able to produce a Web Gallery just as good, and in some ways better than using Adobe Photoshop CS2 by just using free software, and a simple application like the LightBox JS Web Gallery Generator where everything is done for you. Well, almost everything. :P

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Thanks for share this freeware, it is really awesome, fast, easy to use and simple.Best regards,

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