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Problem With Selecting A Textbox Content

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What i want to do is to first enabled a disabled text box, and then focus and select all the contents of this text box after the user clicks on a checkbox, i have it working with simple HTML and Javascript but how can i do to get the similar result using the DOM??? For simplicity i only include this code that works:

<html><head><script type="text/javascript">function toggle(formname,checkname){var c="CantField"; if(checkname.checked==true) {	checkname.value="on";	document.f[c].disabled=false;	document.f[c].focus();	document.f[c].select();}else {	checkname.value="off";	document.f[c].value="0";	document.f[c].disabled=true;}return;}function init(){document.f.CantField.disabled = true;}// using DOMfunction initD(){document.getElementById('CantField').setAttribute("disabled",true);}function toggleD(formname,checkname){var c="CantField"; if(checkname.checked==true) {	document.getElementById(checkname).setAttribute("value","on");	document.getElementById(c).setAttribute("disabled",false);	document.getElementById(c).focus();	document.getElementById(c).select();}else {	document.getElementById(checkname).setAttribute("value","off");	document.getElementById(c).setAttribute("disabled","true");	document.getElementById(c).setAttribute("value","0");}}</script></head><body onload="init()"><form name="f" action="page.php" method="post" ><input type="checkbox" value="off" name="CheckField" id="CheckField" onclick="toggle('f',this)" /><input type="text" name="CantField" id="CantField" value="0" /><input type="submit" value="Check Out" name="submitCar" /> <input type="button" value="Cancel" name="cancelCar" onclick="java script:this.form.reset();"></form></body></html>

I know that this code must be optimizied but it is only for simplicity because it is a very heavy form.


When I use the toggleD() function the select method dont work, why happens this??? Am I doing something wrong???


Best regards,



Well, i can't find a solution to the DOM problem so i decide to not use it basically because the select() doesn't work in any manner, if someone get the solution please post it.

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