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Bookworm Adventures Deluxe

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Ever wanted something that allows you to spend time with your younger brother or your son and gets them learning as well? Why not try Bookworm Adventures Deluxe. This Deluxe Bookworm game found at popcap.com is an adventure in words and sentences. The adventure takes us to many faraway lands and places where by spelling words you are able to attack and defeat the enemy. It is truly an adventure in words, and some words like audacious are quite advanced. This gives the young player something to shoot for.


Pressing play immediately opens the game over the entire desktop. The first thing you see is a bookworm chomping on letters of a word. The chomping sound is so real that it is a bit disconcerting. The game starts with Lex, a green bookworm, being called in to help Cassandra get out of the book she is trapped in. Lex literally has to dive into the era of the book and he begins fighting monsters to get to where Cassandra is located.


The opening page is a fantasy land where each building takes you to a new adventure. So where does the old shoe take you? Is this Mother Hubbards shoe? Perhaps, because clicking on the shoe causes your green bookworm host to say Quit. . The only unlocked building is the red two story building that is labeled Helping Lex solve the Mystery of the Great Library. The locked purple tent will lead you to Mini-games and the Toolbox gives you options. Book 3 of the Adventure mode will cause you to unlock the Round 2-story building call the Arena, and the locked Tome of knowledge underneath the green bookworm host is unlocked in the first book.


Toolbox allows you to change and/or modify the settings. Here the music and sound effects volume can be adjusted as well as disabling tooltips or showing letter values. You can also enable Custom Cursors and allow Fullscreen and 3D Acceleration.


One day in the Great Library Cassandra was in trouble. Lex, the bookworm goes to help her.

Lex says I'd better do what I do best and spell words to defeat the soldier. After you spell a word, the Attack button is enabled and Lex actually attacks the soldier and knocks him down.


After three words, the soldier is defeated and now Lex is up against a crouching werewolf. Soon it is onto the Island of Cyclops. There he meets and defeats an angry ram, ewe, and ugly Cyclops herder. Fortunately for Lex, everytime he is attacked he may say, âo the Painâ but he looks no worse for wear. Cassandra all the time is encouraging Lex. As he defeats monsters this blue horizontal bar is being filled up. This allows him to become more powerful, once it is full.


He has now leveled up to become an Encyclopedia Salesman. Hence, his health has now been increased. Even these original names cause a person to roll over laughing. Another thing to note is that there are hearts above the monsters that break in pieces over them, like little apples, once Lex attacks them. So now Lex has 4 hearts over him and the Polyphemus Boss monster has 7 hearts over him. Unfortunately, now it takes about 5 words to defeat the enemy. Even the ground shakes and tiles are broken rendering them useless. Now he finds a new treasure of a golden fleece that also gives him another heart.


The music is very soothing, make sure you watch that you do not fall asleep. Three letter words are perfectly acceptable words although sometimes 4 or 5 letters work as well. Another nice thing is that Lex stays in his corner and the monster is in the opposite corner until the Attack button is activated. Only then do the combatants meet in battle and the game is so patient while the words are being spelled out.


Now Lex travels to the Wandering Rocks in the midst of the sea. Then he stops. Why? The gamer decided to stop for the day. Now, you can add users to this Bookworm Deluxe game and the beauty of the system is that it remembers where the user left off in their adventure. Hence, you can play this for awhile and come back and play again some other day.


Our 6 year old neighbor calls this game âAwesomeâ. It is great for someone who is learning to spell. It makes words fun and something to be enjoyed.

Here is a Posted ImageKrakar, but it looks like a modified octopus to me. After the free for 30 days trial version, you can purchase it for $29.95

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