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Some Odd Things With Html Tables

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OK well this is making me mad. Maby it is the fact that I am in the middle of an awsome php project or it is because I am being outsmarted by html. Anyway I have this real odd thing occuring while I am programming. It is a little hard to explain, but when I put RE or RE: in a table cell, the next cell has an offset. Here is an example: Example. Now I have tried changing all the vars (for css ect) I keep getting the same error. Here is the code I used (simplified for post but the error still occurs):

<style type="text/css">.var{width: 600px;}</style><table class='var'><tr><td colspan='2'><center>RE  This is one cool forum.</center></td></tr><tr><td width="100" align="left">Dylan<br>Posts: 10</td><td align="left" valign='top'><p align='left'>Me to.</p></td></tr></table>
I tried other browsers and that doent fix it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Your example link is broken and your subdomain is inaccessible with a HTTP 403 error.Try not to use Transitional XHTML, use CSS and Strict XHTML instead. So your table could be like this:

<style type="text/css">.var{width: 600px}</style>

<table class='var'><tr><td colspan='2' style="text-align:center">RE  This is one cool forum.</td></tr><tr><td style="width:100px;text-align:left">Dylan<br />Posts: 10</td><td style="text-align:left;vertical-align:top'><p style="text-align:left'>Me to.</p></td></tr></table>

Ok I could have did more to improve that code but I kept the way you had it and CSS-ized the code. You should try setting table header cells and the absolute (or relative width of those cells). Based on that your table is 600px wide, I'd recommend:

<table class='var'><tbody><tr><th style="width:100px">Posted by...</th><th style="width:500px">Message</th></tr><tr><td colspan='2' style="text-align:center">RE  This is one cool forum.</td></tr><tr><td style="text-align:left">Dylan<br />Posts: 10</td><td style="text-align:left;vertical-align:top'><p style="text-align:left'>Me to.</p></td></tr></tbody></table>

Also, the <th> contents will automatically be bolded and centered. If you set the absolute width of those cells, the rest of the columns have that width. But you only have 2 columns, the 'RE' one is a spanned cell, so I don't know exactly what you mean by the next cell having an offset because there is no cell beside it. But try my suggestions and see if it works.

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