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Here is my website/forum.


We need active members that come on alot and post a lot. the reason why my site is slow is because they all only come for the arcade and they barley come on so i need people that will post alot (not spamming) and people who are very active.


I do not tallerate people who dont follow the rules but i am a pretty nice guy.


we have 98 members/ and 4,000+ posts.


yes we do have an arcade. We currently have around 310 games to chose from and play.


Heres My Site:




Our Forum Categorys-


General Disscusion in this category we have

Rules & Guidelines


Q's & A's (Questions And Answers)

Site Problems




Spam (does not effect you post count)


Invisionfree Support in this category we have

Invisionfree Support/ Help


What's On T.V. in this category we have

T.V. Shows

South Park

Family Guy


The Simpsons

Drawn Together


Board Advertisment in this category we have

Advertise (must have a minimum of 20 posts and follow the other rules)


Music & Entertainment in this category we have



Video Games

Online Games

Jokes & Humor

Sports (in here there are subforums of every sport)

Media (posts videos)


Show Off in this category we have

GFX ( you can either view graphics made by adminis/mods or members for subforums)

GFX Request (you can only request a graphic if it is in the section GFX and must have minimum of 20 posts to request)


Lounge Area in this category we have

Admini Lounge (were only admins can talk)

Member Lounge (this is were the members talk)


Arcade in this category we have

Arcade Problems

Game Problems

Game Chat

Thunder Arcade Games




please register all you have to do is sing up (for free) and the another admin or i will validate you and then you can start posting and doing everything else so please join today..




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