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Audio Recorder Can't Be Beat Let Mp3MyMP3 be your personal recorder

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Truly you can not beat the simple usability of Mp3MyMP3. You can record audibly anything within hearing distance of your computer or laptop once you install the free software version 2.0. With or without a PC microphone the sound clarity is crisp and clear. Using the computers sound card may affect the quality of the recording, as there may be ringing or less volume in it. Once you remember a few key things, you are off and running with many happy hours of sound recordings. So pay attention to the Mp3MyMP3 2.0 instructions that follow.

Here are some snapshots of the Mp3MyMP3 software at http://lygo.com/ly/sitemissing.html

The gearbox menu quickly changes into a configurable menu with multiple skins. Pressing the vertical SKINS menu opens up a browser allowing you to choose a skin (picture) from your hard drive. Otherwise you can just press Built-in Skin to select from the 22 available in the MP3myMP3 program. You can choose from green maple leaves to the desert sand to abstracts to circuitry to yellow sunflowers. There should be enough to fit every personality. By pressing a colored button on the far left side, you can change the program color too. The sound waves that MP3myMP3 is displaying are now visible in bright green, orange, red, violet, aqua or gray depending on which color you selected.

By clicking on the round button with the red dot in the middle (Start) you are in effect starting your recording. You can record with or without a PC microphone, but the background noise is averted if you use the microphone. Also, there may develop an annoying background ringing in the recording if you go it alone, that is, using the sound card only. You can do quick trial runs to determine optimum placement of the PC microphone if you are using a tabletop microphone. When you press the red round button, a gray round button appears. This one has a square box inside it, which turns white when it is pressed. After you are finished recording, a third gray round button appears. This third button has a green triangle in the middle which points to the right. Also you will now see two long oval Save buttons appearing below the three gray buttons. These Save buttons allow you to save the recording as a MP3 file or a WAV file. (Please note: WAV files take up almost 3 times the space as MP3 files.)

The simplest way to make a recording is to initially press the red gray button. Want to end your recording? Press the square box button. Wait for the Save button to be ungrayed out, and then, select where to save your recording. Since all files are given the name of newfile, do remember here to change the name to something meaningful to you and also assure that it wonât get overwritten at a later date. Do not close the application until the Saving notation disappears. This can take upwards of 5 minutes depending on how long your recording was. Remember, audio files take up a lot of space and so take a while to save.

One note of cautionâremember this is a simple recorder. Until you save your recording, do not press the red gray button. If you do and you have not yet saved your recording, it will be automatically deleted with no way of getting it back. By selecting the red gray button, you are in effect telling the application to begin recording, and this application does not do anything complex. Either you save what you have just recorded or you are deleting it and starting over.

Go here to download a copy to make this a must-have software for you: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

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soooo, basicly this program just records audio ? I've never seen so much text for such a simple program ;) . But I think I'm going to stick with Audacity ;)

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