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Free Anti-virus/anti-spyware Programs A list of free anti-virus anti-spyware programs

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All programs listed here are either free or trails! If you found one that is not in this list you can post it and i'll edit the post. Hope anyone can use this ;)


Anti-virus programs

Active Virus Shield (Site)

AntiVir Personal Edition (Site)

avast! Home Edition (Site)

AVG Free (Site)

BitDefender Free Edition 8 (Site)

ClamWin (ClamAV) (Site (Windows version) | Site (UNIX version))

McAfee Stinger (Site)

NOD32 (Site)

Anti-spyware programs

Ad-Aware (Site)

AVG Anti-Spyware (Site)

Hitman Pro (Site)

NOD32 (Site)

PC-Tools: Spyware doctor (Site)

PrevX (Site)

Spybot - Search & Destroy (Site)

Windows Defender (Site)

NOTE: Use these programs at your own risk.


Last update: Added Windows Defender and McAfee Stinger to the list

Edited by Netwalker (see edit history)

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I've got four of the ones you listed! Yay!


You missed PrevX. It's an anti-spyware program. I downloaded the free version of it last year but uninstalled it only because it made my computer too slow (probably because having about four anti-virus/spyware programs and a firewall running at once just didn't allow another one of these programs in). But it has amazingly indepth features and is a pretty good tool all-around.


Thanks for compiling this list. I'm sure it'll help a lot of people to secure their computers. It kills me when my friends tell me they don't know where to get anti-virus/spyware software and firewalls to protect their computer and then go on complaining about viruses.



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