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Hai all, http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ is my website . You can find many articles regarding computers , daily updating recipes of four different types , Daily updating history , famous personalities birthday , news etc...

Your content is your strongest point. I didn't even know those codes of the BSOD, it's quite nice to know them, heh. Your texts are amusing, fluent and nice to read. Attractive, not too short, not too lengthy, written from a witty perspective, at times.

Your major, and I'm sorry to say, but personally, a MAJOR downside is that it reeks of frontpage. Please steer clear of frontpage for a plethora of reasons. A few major ones being that it hogs on frontpage extension, it uses outdated and annoying webbuilding instances, they templates and layout it offers are horrid, it promotes frames way too much and so on...
You'll have some people coming back for your content, because it's much better than on the average site, but the design lacks incentive for the average visitor to return, or even to browse.

You can stay with a simple layout, which is actually easier to use, if you'd give dreamweaver or css a try. But stick to the content you have now.
With css, you can make a "blueprint" for the layout, which can be assigned to aspects of both your site's text, images, structure... most oftenly, the .css file is stored in an external file and pointed to, which means you'll only need one file to define the layout of your entire site. This can optimize faster loading, faster building and much more diversity than standard html can offer you.

I've been down the frontpage road, and I've known the horrible frustrations that I was confronted with when everyone boo'd at my frontpage site.
Good luck with your site!

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At first I thank you for giving me such a valuable feedback. I will try to change the layout of my site . I am

only 16 yrs old .So I am busy with my studies and this is like a entertainment for me during holidays I am not

well versed in other methods of web creation than frontpage and I have only a little knowledge about HTML .

Once for all thanks for your feedback

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