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A Submitted Field Doesn't Match The Select List

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I have a select list of cities which is about 10 cities.


I am getting a number of submissions (likely spams all from the same source) where the submitted value isn't from my list.


I was wondering how this is possible?

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It's really quite simple. When people submit information through your forms, they are not bound to the information you make possible because it is mere HTML and there is no checking as to the validity of the data. For example, you might have:

<form action="post.php" method=POST> <select name=hello><option value=NY>New York</option><option value=BF>Buffalo</option><option value=CY>Calgary</option></select><submit value="Submit"></form>

If someone were to duplicate that form info and post to the same page, they could change the select to a simple text box, where they could put anything they want. Of course, a more realistic way would be that they probably have a program that automatically posts random data with the names you provide to the page you provide.

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