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Just The Forum Lured Me Back!

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I applied for membership here, at Xisto, few months ago (as you may see alongside). Soon, I bucked up credits and was a proud owner of a Standard Hosting Account. But due to unavoidable circumstances, I was neither able to administer my site, not visit Xisto forums for a long time. As the rules say, my account was priorly suspended and later deleted when my credits went way down to -30.


As of today, the fact remains that I occupy myself in other activities to the extent of not being able to administer a website. But I have had an experience of posting at Xisto forums for quite sometime, and I undeniably loved it! So here I am, returning to Xisto (glad to know I can still log in with my username) - just for the forums! I have no intension of having a hosting account as of now, but I'd surely like to post in here!


Boosting a level of intellect, and nurturing a spirit of social influence, and freedom of opinions - Xisto has lured me back to its forums (not the mention the loved-by-all shoutbox!)...



P.S.:I am aware that I might be setting an excellent example of what not to post in here, but I'd owe up to this in the great forum waiting outside!

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I be one of them, of course I been somewhat a regular here in the last couple of months. Usually it's good for people who don't have time for hosting accounts to help others out and stuff who do or just to help out in general areas that htey are experts in.

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