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Monster Bowl - My Review My review of the online sports sim

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I found the link on this board a while ago and I really enjoy it! I wrote a review for it on my site so i thought Id post it here too! Enjoy!

Review of Monster Bowl

Monster Bowl is an online sport manager game. Your job is to manage a team of characters in a sport vaguely familiar to gridiron football. You take care of managing transfers, grounds upgrades and match strategy.

When you start you choose a race. This is an important decision as different races have different strengths and weaknesses. You can upgrade your grounds and facilities in a variety of ways! Keep in mind though that you have to pay an upkeep on most upgrades so donât build too many. There are so many possibilities between the different races and their upgrades that it would take far too long to try list them all! Youâre going to have to decide on your own race and upgrades!

The game is somewhat more violent than football, players literally fight for the ball and injuries are a regular occurrence! Every game can be watched using the useful java applet!

Your team is made up of players varying in skills and abilities! Their skills include strength, toughness, stamina, ball control and speed! These skills help you determine not only how good a player is but also what position he or she is best suited for! Abilities are various other bonuses you can give your player! These range from helping catch the ball to giving him an edge when he is trying to steal the ball from an opponent. After every game your players gain experience according to their performance in the game! This experience is used to help them level up and gain skill points! Skill points are then used to improve skills and attributes.

Having an awesome team with great stats and abilities is one thing but in order to win games you need the right tactic! Tactics are created using the unique java based tactic editor. With the tactic editor you select which players will play in which positions as well as what their role in the game will be! Here is a full description of the various roles:

The blocker is a simple player type. The blocker always tries to attack the opponent closest to him or his starting point.

Offensive Behavior
The blocker attacks opponents close to him or his starting position.

Defensive Behavior
The blocker attacks opponents close to him or his starting position.

Defenders are the players who watch your back. The goal of the defenders is to stop your opponentâs players to score touchdowns.

Offensive Behavior
When your team is on the offensive your defender will try to defend the player holding the ball. They will attack opponents that are trying to attack the ball holder.

Defensive Behavior
Unless lured away from their post or you have a large superiority in players on the field your defenders will stand and wait for an opponent trying to score a touchdown. When an enemy player comes into range, the defender will try to intercept the opponent.

The runners are the players who are always looking for a way to score a touchdown.

Offensive Behavior
The runner is always looking for a way to score a touchdown. He might wait for a weakness to form in the opponentâs defense or he might run into the other teamâs part of the field to stir up trouble and creating an opening for his team.

Defensive Behavior
The runner tries to intercept the ball or the player holding it at any cost. The runner tries to avoid opponents in his way to the ball but if necessary he will try to go through them.

The thrower is the guy who stands back and tries to find a player with a good chance to score a touchdown.

Offensive Behavior
The thrower tries to keep out of trouble so that he is available to participate in the passing games.

Defensive Behavior
The thrower tries to stay at his starting position and will take part in the defense from there.

Ok, now that you have your team and your tactics sorted out you are ready to play your first game! Everyday you are allowed to play one challenge game. In addition, every forth day you will play a league game!

There are loads of other features in Monster Bowl, from training to team settings! The game is free and I think its tons of fun! Check it out for yourself!


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