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Kaizen Ro Private Ragnarok Server Rates : 20x/20x/10x

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Rates : 20x/20x/10x

Website : KaizenRO website

Register at KaizenRO Registration Page


Kaizen in the japanese language means improvement. Kaizen RO is being constantly updated to keep our players entertained. We will be having more additions in the future. We are currently at level 99 capacity, however, we will be raising the max level capacity when a certain amount of players have reached the current max level, or when a new set of weapons come out. So come and enjoy!


[server features]


-Item mall-

The item mall is where you can purchase or sell items to NPC's, the item mall is also a place where people can create item stalls for people to search and buy for items. Stalling is disabled in Prontera to reduce clutter and lag.



In Kaizen RO, we respect fairness. So we have added a bot killer script in our coding.


-Marriage system-

Want to be committed? Marriage is enabled in Kaizen RO, and yes, same sex marriage is aloud!


-Adoption System-

Want to adopt someone who is dear to you? We have enabled the marriage system in Kaizen RO!



We have changed the standard rebirth change of 99/50 to 60/40



[server Specifications]


AMD Athlon 64 3200+

2 GB Of Ram

Windows Server 2003 with MySQL

Server location is Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada


Eathena SVN 9392 SQL

Dedicated server




Players will be able to use the following ingame commands:


@go @whodrops @who @autoloot @rates




•Warper(Dungeons & Towns. Free to go to 1st level of dungeon, Costs zeny for a higher level of the dungeon)

•Card Remover NPC

•Platinum Skills NPC

•Stat and Skill Reset

•Skill purchaser NPC (Costs 3 Opals, Two Emperiums and 10,000 Zeny each skillpoint)

•Buffer NPC (Casts priest buffs for a limited time. 10 Minutes - Free. || 1 Hour - 1500 Zeny || 2 Hours with barrier 3k Zeny)

•PVP Warp NPC (Teleports to PVP room which is located in top right Amatsu Dungeon)

•Countdown NPC (Located in PVP Room. Counts from 5 to 0 for 1v1 battles. 5 Countdown NPCS, adding more soon.)

•Dye NPC (Changes hair color, hair style, and clothing color. Clothing color is not permanent and wears off when you log off.)

•Identify NPC (identifies all your items, like in Diablo 2's deckard cain )



[seasonal NPC's]




During the rest of December, you will be able to find Antonios (Evil santas) and hunt them for Red Stockings. You exchange these stockings for an Old Blue Box that can give you every (legit) item




Many, many quest NPC's to complete! Join in to find out!



[War Of Emperium]


War of Emperium times : 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM CST


War of Emperium(WoE) is a weekly event that occurs for at 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM CST on sundays. Many guilds will compete to obtain one of five guild castles (NOTE : Must have guild skill “Guild approval” in order to attack a castles emperium, otherwise, all attacks will miss.) If a castle has not been obtained by a guild yet, there will be various monsters lurking around the castle and your guild must defeat all of them plus the emperium to obtain the castle.

After claiming a castle, your castle will be able to be taken by another guild so you must defend it at WoE times.


Castle Locations : Prontera, Payon and Geffen.


About castles : Castles have Guild dungeons which are dungeons that guild members can defeat monsters in. Castles also have treasure rooms where characters from the guild can store items, all guild members can take or put items in the guild treasure room.

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can you give a custom script or config text of the buffer npc

Kaizen Ro Private Ragnarok Server


Please guys can anyone help me to have a buffer npc for my private server on my pc thanks just email me


Many thanks to all! I'm hoping...


-reply by mr. Nice guy

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