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Demonro-revolution, High Rate Quality Online Gaming Experience We would like you to join us

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Dear users,I would like to invite you to come and play on a new High rate Ragnarok Online private server.It's name is DemonRO-Revolution, and it is a high quality server, it has experienced Support GameMasters and much more.Here is some information about the server:Are you good enough to take part in this Revolution?DemonRO Revolution High Rate server, also known as Asylum, is a server that fits your tastes.Asylum is a Player Kill server, and constantly updated with the newest updatesof the emulator. Asylum is very stable, and needs players to grow bigger and bigger.Different from other High rate servers, we provide unique quests and NPCs, but also known NPCs and quests.||Non PK Places||We care about new players who want to level, without being constantly killed by others.If you want to be a high level player, with good equips and such, you need to be able to level.This is why we are providing "Non PK Dungeons" and "Non PK Fields" so you can level without any inconvenience.Of course, taking off the PK, players will have to deal with Kill Stealers.||PK FREE DUNGEONS & FIELDS|| : Prontera Field (5) and (ALL) Payon Dungeon.Also, towns are safe, so you can't get killed while you're talking to your friends or buying your newest equipment.To be able to PK and get PK'ed, you must be at least level 90.||PvP Rooms||Some people wonder why a PK Server has a PvP Rooms, since there's PvP almost everywhere. The idea of having a PvP Room (Actually 2, one that you can use healing items and another that you CANNOT use them) at first moment was to avoid mass concentration of people PKing in random dungeons (especially PK'ing low level players). The PvP Rooms double as both a meeting place, and still a PK place.||General information about Asylum||:- Rates: 1500/1500/750 - Max Lvl: 255/120 Reborn Allowed. - Free Warper- Free Heal- Jobchanger- Stat/Skill Resetter- Platinum Skills- WOE: Friday from 18:00 until 21:00 - server timeSaturday from 18:00 until 21:00 - server timeUse @time to see the server's time.||Introducing the player public commands||:- @mi [Displays information about monsters]- @ii [Displays information about items]- @die [suicide]- @where [Locate someone on a map, returns your coordinates if the person isn't on]- @go [spawns you to set points in major cities]- @itemreset [Deletes all your items]- @ignorelist [Display your ignore list (people from which you ignore whispering)]- @autoloot 0-100 [Toggles all loot going to your inventory]- @time [shows the Server Time]- @autotrade [Allows you to continue vending offline]- @rura / @warp [Allowed you to warp anywhere, except to places which are Warp protected]- @who [see who's online]- /w [see how many players are online]Please check out our website, to find out how to connect:http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ hope that you come and join our community, before joining please read our rules!Regards, MystObito

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