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OpenWYSIWYG Instead Of RichTextEditor wysiwyg editor

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hi all,
For my newsletter scipt i am using richtext editor as the html edtor, I want to use openwysiwyg instead

'message_add_html.tpl' file is following. I dont know how to chage the script

any kind of help would be appreciated


<tr>	<td align="left" valign="top" width="25%" rowspan="1" bgColor="#FFFFFF">		<b>Add new message: </b>	</td>	<td bgColor="white" valign="top">		<table width="100%" border="0" cellPadding="0" cellSpacing="0">		<form id="form_message_add" action="do_add_message.php" method="post">		<tr>			<td width="25%"><b>Subject:</b></td>			<td><input type="text" name="subject" value="" size="43"></td>		</tr>		<tr height="10"><td></td></tr>		<tr>			<td><b>Message Type:</b></td>			<td>[ <a href="messages_edit.php">plain text</a> ] [ <b>html enhanced</b> ]</td>			<input type="hidden" name="type" value="html">		</tr>		<tr height="10"><td></td></tr>		<tr>			<td>				<input type="checkbox" class="noborder" name="disabled"> <b>Disable</b>			</td>			<td>				<font size="1">You can temporarily disable a message, so that it won't be delivered to your prospects until you re-enable it.</font>			</td>		</tr>		<tr height="10"><td></td></tr>		<tr>			<td>				<b>Interval:</b>			</td>			<td>				<input type="text" name="interval" value="0" size="5">				 (max. 9999) 			</td>		</tr>		<textarea name="body" style="display: none" cols="60" rows="15"></textarea>		</form>		<tr height="10"><td></td></tr>		<tr>			<td colspan="2">				<b>Body:</b><br><br>				[color=#FF0000]<!-- HTML EDITOR -->				<object id="richedit" style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: buttonface" data="rte/richedit.html" 				width="600" height="300" type="text/x-scriptlet" VIEWASTEXT>				</object>				<!-- Glue to populate the editor with HTML from database -->				<script language="JavaScript" event="onload" for="window">					richedit.options = "history=yes;source=no;";					richedit.docHtml = form_message_add.body.innerText;				</SCRIPT>				<!-- HTML EDITOR -->[/color]			</td>		</tr>		<tr height="10"><td></td></tr>		<tr>			<td colspan="2"><input type="button" value="Add Message" onClick="MakeSubmit();"></td>		</tr>		</table>	</td></tr><script language="JavaScript">function MakeSubmit(){	form_message_add.body.value = richedit.docHtml;	form_message_add.submit();	}</script>

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