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It's been many months since I have really done anything in Delphi and even longer since I have use UnDelphiX.I'm wondering if anyone knows of any recent updates to it (I'll be heading for some googling soon) or if anyone plans to have a go at improving it?I'd also like to know if anyone else here uses it themselves and if they can give any advice or possibly build up a list of learning resources for applying the use of Delphi and UnDelphiX together to get started with games, basic, advanced, what ever.Iv'e begun some simple shooters and very basic RPG's before (although I gave up when it came to enemy AI lmao, the enemy would get stuck to my guy and push him around :D).I haven't heard of much happening lately with games being built in Delphi with UnDelphiX and a friend of mine who used to help improve UnDelphiX himself has been absent playing World Of Warcraft :).P.S. I use Delphi 7.

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