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How To Make Rain Using Photoshop and ImageReady

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Ok are you ready?1)Start off with the sig or whatever you are going to use! 2)Create a new layer3)Go>Filter>render>Clouds4)Go>Filter>Noise add noise and use these settings! 5)Then Go>Filter>Blur>MotionBlur and use these settings 6)Set blending to screen.7)Go to Image>Adjustments>Levels and use these settings: It should look something like this:8)Repeat steps 2-7 three more times9)Jump to Image ready10)Make a frame for every rain layer you have.Click The First Frame and on the Layer Plate Disable all rain layers except one, then select the 2nd Frame disable every rain layer except for the 2nd one...Do this until every frame is different11)Set Delay to 0.1 seconds12)Go>SaveOptimesiedAsThis is what the final image turned out like!( i am sorry, i don't think pictures are allowed ... to bad)

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