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A Little About Kyro Find out who i am. If your interested that is.

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So first up i believe it would be best to explain a little about my history and what i have done in the past. This should give you some idea of who i am.I started working with computers when that good old C64 was the mainstream, long time ago for some, but for me it really was the foundation of my interest with computers as it was my first computer. Though the C64 was not the only influence, i had seen and admired the large room size servers that my father’s friend worked with.Over the years my interest with computers changed from an amazement of 'how did it work' to 'how could it work?'. This led to me questioning the security and the possible problems involved with running at the time fairly small networks (<10 nodes). Turned out I was not alone on this question and a number of people had already started to figure out just what would happen when you send that particular command.And so my fascination with the single computer was shifted to a fascination with networks of computers.This fascination with networks led me into a number of fields of the community where a network/computer was needed and consequently I have learnt a lot about a number of fields of expertise, (just to name a few: aerodynamics, quantum mechanics, graphics and construction)Though of course there is still much to learn in the time I have on this planet. :P My expertise are on soft-system security, hard-system security, software development (design through to implementation), system support and mechanics. Currently my focus is on software development where i hope to further utilize my expertise in hard-system security to produce much more dynamic security systems for the home users who do not want to know how something works, they just want it to work. At the moment nearly every computer security system designed for the home user has been 'dumbed' down so that its functionality has been limited, resulting in the home user getting frustrated when they cannot get something to work. Normally ending in that user to for-go the security in place of the functionality of having nothing stopping them. Resulting in large security issues arising.I don’t see myself to be a large count poster on forums, but what I do contribute will be quality and hopefully helpful to those who seek or need it.So that’s me, Kyro. Hope you learnt something, maybe got inspired?

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