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Play Our Free Ragnarok Online Server! HighRate/MidRate and LowRate

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Hello ,

We have many new Updates done at Heaven´s Ro!
Latest Item Updates,Latest Card Updates, Latest Maps, Always Up-to-Date!, New LowRate Server added!
We are useing an uniquie Account-Login System! 24/7 Online! No Wipes! Workin Homunculus!, and much much more!
Lots of Custom stuff added like Custom Quests,Wings,Cards,Mobs,Classes,and more!
GMs doin lot of Events, friendly Comunnity, Dedicated Server!, No LAG!
Dayly New Updates&fixes!, the Community decide what is happening on the Server!
Come and Join the Forum and the Servers !

Heaven´s Ragnarok Online~
Where u meet ur friends at.

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i cannot play ragnorok revolution online le........

Play Our Free Ragnarok Online Server!


I download rro already.After that when I open rro, an update on rro is run . After update had run,my computer appear a few words. It write"The dynamic link library 'binkw32.Dll' could not be found".Then what should I do to play for the rro?


-question by goh jiunn shyan

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