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PHP With MS-Access

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Hey haitamlong,

MS Access is quite slow in my opinion and is not really in the league to compare to MySQL when it comes to the web. It would be better if you compared MSSQL to MySQL. However there are some things you should know, if you're developing software for desktop use in a Windows environment then either use a very light database like SQLite because of it's size or MS Access because it's file based, there are also others out there (I prefer SQLite). MySQL is not easily distributable and not suitable for desktop because it has to be installed and it's not small enough for ordinary users. However depending on the size of data you'll be expecting, then maybe a more scalable and larger database should be considered.

To use PHP with Access, you use ODBC connection methods.

Here's the PHP Manual section for ODBC: http://php.net/odbc

And here's a few tutorials, the first one is probably more complete but it's about MSSQL but the difference is you'll be using MS Access Driver instead.


And this one is about MS Access:




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