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Thunderbird And Gmail All emails not downloading properly

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OK. I finally got internet connection at home, and I downloaded all the opensource goodies. I downloaded Mozilla Firefox, and Mozilla Thunderbird.


I setup Thunderbird to receive my GMail mails using the GMail POP3 facility. I wanted to download all the mails from my GMail, and hence I chose the proper radio button in the 'Forwarding and POP' tab in GMail settings.


What happened then, was that mails would get downloaded, and sometimes when connection timed out, and it started to download, it would get all the previously downloaded mails. That would create multiple copies of same mail, and was undesirable. As a solution, in the GMail settings, I asked GMail to delete the mail from the Google Server once a POP3 download was done for a particular mail.


I cleaned up all the mail, and I restarted Thunderbird, and it is not downloading at all. It asks for password, and it connects to pop.gmail.com and authenticates properly. Then it shows 'Downloading 1 of 192...' or something like that. It stays that way for a while, and then does nothing.


I understand that GMail makes emails available in batches when asked to download all the mail, but I am not getting any mails. I have some 1500 mails in my GMail account. But GMail does provide the '192' set of mails in the first batch, but I am having trouble downloading it.


I had followed all the instructions verbatamin as it was given in the Google Help pages. I am a bit lost here, and would like any suggestions to get all my mails to my local machine from the Google server.

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Hello Vyoma!You didn't mention it, so I guess you don't know.In the Googlemail Settings (in the Webinterface of course) there is a tab called "redirection and POP" (or similar). Maybe this was the place, where you set up that emails should be deleted from server after retrieval, but I guess that you set that up in Thunderbird (which won't work as far as I know).So there you can set up to:• disable POP 3• enable POP 3 for all emails you received since last check• enable POP 3 for all emails you ever receivedYou can also set up, that retrieved Emails should be deleted, archived or left on server there.It contains as well a guide to setting up your email client correctly, Thunderbird is among the explained.So, good luck,Ruben

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Well, I did set those up at the Google settings. It is 'Forwarding and POP' (not 'Redirection and POP'). Anyway, I did do it at the Google Mail Account itself.The problem now is just that, it starts downloading, and if the server times out, and when it tries to start downloading, it still does the old ones.And sometimes like I stated above, it just wont download at all. It would just be - it wont hang up or something. During those times, the internet connection is fine, because I would be browsing the net or downloading something.

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I have 2 GMail accounts and Thunderbird is working them properly.

In Thunderbird (correct version?), verify these settings:


Account name: {Whatever you want}

Your Name: {Your name}

Email address: {your GMail address}

SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com


Server name: pop.gmail.com

Username: {GMail address}

Port: 995

SSL Connection is ON

Check for new messages at startup and every 10 minutes

Automatically download new messages.


Compose messages in HTML format.


In the Outgoing Server settings:


Description: Google Mail

Server name; smtp.gmail.com

Port: 587

Use name and password {and ensure that you have the correct credentials in there}

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