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Xgrid With Php Creating a script to post a blender file to Xgrid using PHP

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I am doing pre planning for the blenderxgrid.com script. I was originally going to do this with PERL, but elected against it. Eventually I'll be moving the site off Xisto and replacing it with a website hosted on the same machine as the xgrid controller. I am setting up a test version on my latop using OSX's apache server, MySQL, and PHP on a localhost config. Here is my step list for the script:-------------------------------------Form: (within Xoops CMS, so user will have to be logged in)UsernamePassword[file upload] (where they can upload the .blend file)Start Frame: first frame of animationEnd Frame: last frame of animation-------------------------------------------Step 1: Check username & password against xoops databaseStep 2: ensure file is a .blend else die ("Sorry, not a blender file")Step 3: Upload file to /gridjobs/ & report successStep 4: $filePath = "/gridjobs/" . "$fileName";$blenderPath = "/blender/blender.app/Contents/MacOS/blender -b" . $filePath . "-s " . $startFrame . "-e " .$endFrame . "-a";system ('xgrid -h localhost -p password -job submit $blenderPath', $results);print $results;?>That's what I got so far. Any other ideas or corrects welcome. It's been a couple years since I last programed anything from scratch.

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