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Good Choice? New setup

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Hey guys. I thought it was time for an update - after much talking and considering I came to the following


Any tips quality/price or compatibility otherwise? European shops (or those that deliver to europe) with awesome prices?




1 x ANTEC Performance P180B (zonder voeding) (CAS-ANT-P180B) = €135,00

Posted Image

Posted Image

1 x ANTEC SmartPower 2.0 500W (PSU-ANT-SP_500) = €70,70

Posted Image

1 x LITE-ON SHM-165P6S 16x DVD+/-RW 8x DL 5x DVD-RAM (bulk, zwart) (SHM-165P6S-09C) = €34,00

2 x KINGSTON ValueRam 1024MB DDR2 533MHz PC2-4200 CL4 (KVR533D2N4/1G) = €179,20


from descom.be


Name: ASUS P5B Deluxe Wifi, Sock.775 Intel P965, ATX

Article number: HV1125UKDE

Stock balance: ready for dispatch

Quantity: 1

Price per unit: 172,39 €

Price: 172,39 €


Name: Connect3D X1900XT, 512MB ATI X1900XT, 2xDVI, PCIe

Article number: HV1021CKDE

Stock balance: ready for dispatch from 2006-08-29

Quantity: 1

Price per unit: 287,73 €

Price: 287,73 €


Name: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Box 4096Kb, LGA775, 64bit, Conroe

Article number: HV20E660DE

Stock balance: ready for dispatch

Quantity: 1

Price per unit: 324,99 €

Price: 324,99 €


Name: Western Digital Raptor 74GB, 10000 U/Min., 8MB Cache

Article number: HV13WDR7DE

Stock balance: ready for dispatch from 2006-08-28

Quantity: 1

Price per unit: 144,05 €

Price: 144,05 €


from hardwareversand.de



I'll be using my old keyboard/mouse/screen and secondary hard drive.


Goal: Great game pc, yet don't waste cash on stuff that's hardly an improvement.


I noticed almost no webshops at all allow for direct payment from say, Visa. Bit annoying.

Hoping for some great FPS experience :D

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Seems like a good setup, I don't see what won't work :) .
If I may suggest something, save €100 and get the E6400, you'll hardly notice the 270Mhz difference and the 2Mb extra L2 cache don't give such a performance boots.
Another suggestion is getting and AMD, they are still great gaming CPUs :) .

About shops, check http://www.preistrend.de/ for the cheapest price in Germany (can hardly be cheaper, they only have 16% btw compared to the 21% in Belgium, but be quick, it goes to 18% in 2007).
The tweakers.net pricewatch (https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/) is great for finding cheap shops in Holland (19% vs 21% :D ).

Last but not least, the cheapest shops in Belgium, http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and https://www.tones.be/particulier

P.s. get the HDD in Belgium (you're from belgium, right ?), if it breaks you'll save time and money.

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