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What are the methods from the "Time" class in the RPG Maker XP. Is it native from Ruby? Since it's not open for editing, I don't now what are the methods I can use with it. What are the options I have for "comparing dates" there?

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How to Make XP Talk

Rpg Maker Xp Rgss - Ruby Discursions


To whom this may concern:


Hello. My name is Roberta Gallant and I reside in Concord,New Hampshire. I loving learning how to make XP talk to me.


Specifically, how do I make XP talk to me? Would you please


Give me visual, step-by-step instructions on how to do that?


Thank you.



Roberta Gallant

New Hampshire

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How do i lern this scripting for rpg maker xpRpg Maker Xp Rgss - Ruby DiscursionsI would really love to know how to script on rpg maker xp could someone Please Please tell thaks. P.S iv got loads of cool ideas but I need to lern how to script.-question by Daniel

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