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Megaman Battle Network 6 's Giga Chips What do you think about them ?

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Well , what do you think about all of the giga chips in MMBN 6 (English/US) version ? For me , I think Falzar version 's are weaker than Gregar a lot :1.Bass VS Bass AnlyBass attacks enemys' areas with buster a lot of times and can instantly kill them in one shot with a few plus chips or Full Synchro while Bass Anly attacks with the stupid Heeling Wheels which can be easily blocked with one hole and does only a few damages , pretty weak in Net Battle while Bass is very useful and annoying for your opponent . Bass wins .2.Big Hook VS Meteor KnukkleBig Hook attacks 100 % your opponent 's areas (unless they used area/panel grab or you used color/double point before) and does serious damage 240/480 . Meteor Knukkle can does about 200/300 damage to your opponent(s) and can only does 100/200 if there are three viruses while Big Hook takes care all of them . Big Hook wins .3.Bug Frag Sword VS Bug Frag ThunderNo idea which one is stronger , Dark Sword can take out 6 squares ahead but charge pretty slow and flinch enemy while Dark Thunder moves slowly but can paralyze enemy , very useful and also charge faster . Draw .4.Delta Ray VS Cross DiviceNo idea , too . If you are in Net Battle or battle against a Navi , Delta Ray stronger than Cross Divice a lot because of its 3 attacks but if you are fighting against virus(es) and then Cross Divice is stronger because it can hit 5 squares and the center receives 500 damages so it can take out all the virus(es) . Draw .5.Hub Batch VS Colonel ForceColonel Force is a very very powerful chip after Bass (maybe it is stronger than Bass Anly) when it can paralyze enemy (well , nearly paralyze) and attack a lot of times , use this chip plus one/two area grab(s) will be pretty annoying . But Hub Batch is very disappointed , it is nearly useless when there is Navi Customizer , most of use customized MegaMan with Custom + 3 and Max Status , right ? So I think this is the most stupid Giga chip , very use less in both virus busting and Net Battle .Gregar 's giga chips : 5Falzar 's giga chips : 2Gregar 's giga chips win . But that is just what I think about them , post your mind here and can you tell me why Falzar 's giga chips are very weak (the most is Hub Batch , only Air Shoe is useful (maybe shield too but I don't need it when I always equip Reflect)) ?

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giga chipsMegaman Battle Network 6 's Giga Chips

hi I'm new 2 this site and was here 2 say that 

1. I think bass is better than bassanly cause it can easily do over 1000 damage cause if u combine it with chips like double point and attack plus 30, it can instantly ko a foe like gregar maybe.

2.Crossdivide and deltaray should be a tie cause they are both useful in different ways.

3. another tie. Bug frag sword can slash pretty quickly but only covers 6 panels, when bug frag thunder can travel over all panels ( exept obstacels ) but is slow.

4.I think a tie, but bighook slightly wins because u know how if you damage an enemy ( not virus ) he/she will flash because of damage? u cant hit them like that and if one meteor knuckle its them it will do that while the others go through the enemy so big hook like a navi chip the screen is darker and can hit bothe consective hits.

5. Colonel force by a mile because if u select chips like so - beast out, area grab, area grab, any power up and fullcust. Then on next turn u use colonel army full cust again super vulcan while in beast out, IT IS DEADLY even if u just combine chips like dblpnt and attck plus 30 and shoot in beast out its still deadly!

-reply by alex

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