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Network Domain & Network User Accounts

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I got an evaluation copy of Windows Server 2003 and I'm already having problems. I'm just trying to expand my knowledge using my home network.

Ok, I have a network domain (moonburst1.gotdns.org) and I *think* I setup my server correctly. However, when I try to connect my laptop to the domain, I get the following:

The error was: "DNS name does not exist."(error code 0x0000232B RCODE_NAME_ERROR)

The query was for the SRV record for _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.moonburst1.gotdns.org

Common causes of this error include the following:

- The DNS SRV record is not registered in DNS.

- One or more of the following zones do not include delegation to its child zone:

. (the root zone)

For information about correcting this problem, click Help.

After I read that, here is what I pretty much looked like: :(
I have a DNS server running so I'm not sure of what the problem is... anyone here a Windows network administrator or know a little bit more than I do about what I'm doing??

I'm assuming you can do this on a home network because in some of the Wizards, it even mentions "small networks" and "small home networks"

Thanks for any help! I'd like to get this working!


EDIT: Oh, and if a mod thinks this should go in OS > Windows, please feel free to put it there. I put it here because it mainly deals with networking. :(
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OK, I kind of got it working now! :( I started over fresh and removed Active Directory. This time I changed the domain to XERGE.DYNAMIC10.COM and it liked it better... perhaps it would have worked with moonburst1.gotdns.org... I think it could have been the that I was putting in "moonburst1.gotdns.org" (no quotes) and perhaps just the "moonburst1" part would have worked fine...Now I need to figure out a hack to get Win XP home computers to join... stupid MS and their $100 feature difference between OSes... :([N]F

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Just get a copy of microsoft's virtual pc of their website.

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