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Site Listed In Dmoz Directory?

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Do you know some good directory sites like DMOZ taht could give HUGE boost?


thanks Wojta




I've found this reply on different forum

Over the years I've replied to hundreds of posts on the subject of DMOZ


As you know DMOZ is a human response Search Engine/Directory and has editors around the Globe.


Some of these Editors are extremely knowledgeable others can be sadly lacking. Google does take notice of sites listed there and so does MSN.


There are simple rules to getting a site listed by DMOZ:


1 - No Adult Sites


2 - No Gambling Sites


3 - No broken links - now there are two URL's that can help you find broken links within a site.

The first and easiest is http://www.sitereportcard.com/ If you score less than 8 forget submitting your site.

The other is also free but it is designed for the serious SEO people and needs time to understand and

learn how to use it http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html


DMOZ has its own forum run by Moderators who are DMOZ Editors http://www.resource-zone.com/forum/'>http://www.resource-zone.com/forum/


There is a huge temptation for people to submit their site to DMOZ http://www.resource-zone.com/ and then to 'bombard' the forum with questions like 'Why am I not listed?' - Going down that road is a risky one, sometimes it works mostly it does not -Why?

Because normally a Search Engine/Directory is inanimate - you won't get personal attention. But here you will, and the mistake people make is to 'lose their temper' get frustrated etc. DMOZ Moderators are very quick to lock down a thread!


4 - Also the other big mistake people make is posting a site with a re-direct - forget it, simply don't bother trying it.


5 -You must post in the right category - that is essential. If there is not a correct category - 'then' use the DMOZ Forum,

list your site in your post and always use the same username that you have in this or any other forum. Ask for help, be extremely polite and heed the advice, you will get several replies - select carefully.


There is a bonus side to posting there, it is very good for Google BL's! Which is why you should use the same username.


Once you have submitted, forget it - move on - it has either been selected or it has not.


I am not a DMOZ Editor - I am a moderator at one of the larger SEO Forums.


Lastly Good Luck.


Site Admin & Platinum Member



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That really depends on what your website is about! DMOZ is the only widely accepted directory that indexes everything (By the way adult sites and gambling too just go to dmoz/Adult).

I'm a editor at the DMOZ, even though I'm not active right now, because I don't have the time.

If you have got a good site, most editors will be glad to list it. If you don't, then don't bother, people won't go there anyway, because (I think) most people use the directory over Google where the pages are sorted after pagerank, not alphabetically.

But if you have a special topic on your website, then you can definitively find directories or link lists to add it to. If you got freehosting-website for example there are dozens of directories out there. Same for humor, photography, webdesign, etc.!

Another good thing is the (English) wikipedia. While in the other language versions, links are by default rel="nofollow" and therefore not boosting your pagerank, the English Wikipedia is considered active enough that link-spamming is impossible.

Of course you have to provide relevant information to the article that you choose to put your weblink on and your website should not be "too" commercial. I would say relevancy matters most, there are lots of links with ads on them for example. If your company is big/relevant, you can even write a (neutral) article about them. A great and legitimate way to get promoted to people who want what you can give.

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