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The Best Console Games You've Never Played.

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Hey Guys. :DThis is my first post, so I'm gonna make it something a bit special. Alot of you don't really know what games to try out on emulators... so I'm going to list some of the lesser known games that I'm sure some of you will love. I stress the "Lesser known" thing here. Don't be asking me where sonic, mario or zelda are in these lists. First up, we got the Sega Megadrive/Genesis. Before I start listing, I'm going to stress upon you the importance of the greatest videogame of all time (okay... I'm biased, I know :P) which is known as Wonderboy In Monsterworld. It was one of the first games I ever got as a kid, and was definately my first rpg-type experience. I recommend all of you try it. 1- Wonderboy In Monsterworld - 2D platformer RPG. Utter Genius. 2- Beavis And Butthead - Think Lucasarts Point and Click adventure crossed with a platformer. Amazing Game.3- Dynamite Headdy - Treasure developed action platformer. Insanely difficult. 4- Captain Planet And The Planeteers - I love this game somehow. I idolise the captain.5- Chiki Chiki Boys - One of capcom's greatest creations. I compare it to wonderboy! action platformer. 6- Crusader of Centy/Soleil - Sega's first answer to zelda. It was good! really!7- Beyond Oasis - Sega's second answer to zelda. Stunning graphics. Was really expensive. 8- The Misadventures Of Flink - Great spellcasting platformer!9- The Pirates Of Dark Water - I loved this cartoon as much as captain planet. The game rules!10- Quackshot Starring Donald Duck - Just play this... amazing platformer by sega with rpgish elements. Next we have the Gameboy!1- Dragon Warrior Monsters - I never even looked at pokemon after getting this.2- Kid Dracula - Castlevania spinoff. You play as an infantile Alucard, facing off the evil Garamoth. A childhood favourite for me.3- Mario's Picross - I find it hard to find a game I can't put down now. This was one of them. 4- Hamtaro Ham Ham's Unite - developed by the same team that make the mario and luigi rpg games. Seriously embarrassing, but fantastic rpg game. 5- Pitman - Another of those unputdownable puzzlers. 6- Solomon's Club - Aaaaaand another. 7- Wario Land - What a game... wario games are better than mario games. There. I said it. 8- Tiny Toon Adventures - Bab's Big Break - Superb Platformer! :P graphics were insane at the time :P9 - Micro Machines - There were two consoles micro machines is any good for. The gameboy and psx. Little known fact that :P10 - uhhh... can't think of a tenth :P The Playstation!1- Casper - The movie game... yes... I know hundreds of people who secretly know this is their most treasured ps1 title. Play it... PLAAAAAY ITTT2- Overboard- Oh god... I bought this after playing the demo a bazillion times. You play as a little ship and you shoot things :P 3- Devil Dice - Oh wow... this too... it's the best puzzle game on the psx. 4- Kula World - Ohhh... maybe this is the best puzzle game though :P Tough decisions...5- Disney's Hercules - 2 and a half D platformer. Utterly brilliant. 6- Skull Monkeys - This game was hilarious. Utterly random platform fun.7- Gex 3D Enter The Gecko - I thought this was the best 3d platformer ever... Until I bought an N64 :P8- Medievil 2 - The sequel nobody knew existed. What a game. Loved sony for this.9- Micro Machines V3 - Oh... this still tops mario kart for me :P10 - Oh god... I almost forgot ALUNDRA :| this beat LTTP for me! It was AWESOME. I'll be back later with my n64, dreamcast and gba list. I'm not a huge snes or nes fan sorry. So no lists for those.

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:D i played a few fo those. I'd think the best out of the list would be Devil Dice for me. It was a fun puzzle game. :P

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i played a few fo those. I'd think the best out of the list would be Devil Dice for me. It was a fun puzzle game. :P

It's coming out on psp later this year apparently. I loved it to bits... aaaaanyway. Onto part 2 :P


1 - Rocket, Robot on wheels. - One of the few non rareware platformers that N64 owners took notice of. Damn... we were spoiled for them with that console.
2 - Rakuga Kids - I got this for ÂŁ1 a few years ago, and sold it on ebay for about ÂŁ30. It's a crayon-stylised beat em up. Something you'll remember for years.
3 - Custom Robo - I remember this being billed as pokemon for the n64. It was hardly anything like it, but it was an amazing game nonetheless. Bit hard to understand the Japanese tho :P
4 - Sin and Punishment - This came out in Japan only near the death of the n64. Amazing graphics... fantastic fast-paced shooting action and a multiplayer mode that killed almost anything it could be compared with.
5 - Mischief Makers - A fantastic 2D treasure-developed platformer.
6 - Earthworm Jim 3D - I enjoyed this right :P It was immensely difficult, but it was another great platformer.
7 - Space Station Silicon Valley - Excellent 3D platformer where you got by defeating animals and then possessing them. There was a bug in the game where you couldn't grab a certain item, so you could never finish it.
8 - Nuclear Strike 64 - I loved the entire strike series. Not many know it came out on N64.
9 - Mario Tennis - Nobody bought this :| It is THE BEST TENNIS GAME EVER!
10 - Looney Tunes - Duck Dodgers 64 - Excellent, funny 3D platformer.


1 - Floigan Bros - Fantastic adventure. There was originally gonna be tons of sequels... shame piracy killed the dc :P
2 - Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 - The definitive extreme sports title. Everything about the DC version took the piss out of the playstation counterpart.
3 - Dave Mirra's Freestyle BMX - Same Again here :P
4 - Rent A Hero No1 - Jap only game, but with a walkthrough, you can witness true sega genius. Something they lost a LOOOOONG time ago.
5- Ecco The Dolphin - I never "got" the ecco series until I played this. Beautiful beautiful game.
6 - Fur Fighters - This was the first dreamcast game I ever played :P the weird visuals and humour had me hooked.
7 - MDK2 - Shiny need to make more games. Seriously.
8 - Half Life - This was never released... but the scene got their hands on it :P My PC at the time wasn't powerful enough to play it properly... looked and played great.
9 - Armada - An RPG Shmup. So good it hurts...
10 - Evil Twin - Cypriens Chronicles - This was the last PAL game released for the dreamcast. Nobody cared when it came. Their loss. It rocked.


1 - Lunar legends - This is one of the best rpg's ever made. Play it now.
2 - Hamtaro- Ham Ham Heartbreak - Another fun little RPG! :P I was hooked!
3 - Hamtaro Rainbow Rescue - I kinda preferred the previous two, but this was great all the same.
4 - Super Street Fighter 2x revival - This is by far the best version of street fighter 2 that has ever been released. No question.
5 - Magical Vacation - Another Jap game completed with a walkthrough. Fantastic. Glad the DS is getting a sequel.

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7 - MDK2 - Shiny need to make more games. Seriously.

OH MY GOSH yes. I played MDK 1 for Mac- amazing game. When it hit Dreamcast, I hit GameStop. This game was one of my favorites out of all the 90's games I ever played. Seriously, it's great.

It's like Batman, without any special powers, in a tight unitard.
Finally someone gives this game props.

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Zelda - WindwakerZelda - Majoras MaskZelda - Ocarina Of TimeMetal Gear Solid 2Metal Gear Solid 3Ace Combat 4Ace Combat ZeroSilent Hill 3Silent Hill 4Onimusha 2Metroid PrimeMetroid Prime 2Tales Of PhantasiaTales Of SymphoniaTales Of The AbyssTales Of LegendiaTales Of RebirthTreasure Hunter GRudora No Hihou (Treasures Of Rudra)Golden Sun - The Lost AgeDragon Quest IDragon Quest IIDragon Quest IIIDragon Quest IVDragon Quest VIDraogn Quest VIIIFinal Fantasy IFinal Fantasy IIFinal Fantasy IIIFinal Fantasy VFinal Fantasy XFinal Fantasy Tactics AdvanceTactics OgreTactics Ogre (GBA)Zone Of EndersCastlevania Dawn Of SorrowStar Ocean IStar Ocean IIIGrandia IISuper Mario SunshineWild Arms I (Alter Code F)Wild Arms IIIWild Arms IVConker's Bad Fur Day ReloadedHaloHalo 2Ninja Gaiden (all releases)Shinobi (PS2 and Saturn versions)Legend OF DragoonGran Turismo 3Gran Turismo 4...unlimited!!!!!!!!!

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Here is the list of my favorite games :MegaMan Battle Network 1MegaMan Battle Network 2MegaMan Battle Network 3 BlueMegaMan Battle Network 3 WhiteMegaMan Battle Network 4 Blue MoonMegaMan Battle Network 4 Red SunMegaMan Battle Network 5 Team ProtoManMegaMan Battle Network 5 Team ColonelMegaMan Battle Network 5 Double TeamMegaMan Battle Network 6 Cybeast FalzarMegaMan Battle Network 6 Cybeast GregarMegaMan Battle Chip ChallengeMegaMan Network TransmissionMegaMan 1MegaMan 2MegaMan 3MegaMan 4MegaMan 5MegaMan 6MegaMan 7MegaMan 8MegaMan Battle & ChaseMegaMan XMegaMan X2MegaMan X3MegaMan X4MegaMan X5MegaMan X6MegaMan X7MegaMan X8MegaMan Zero 1MegaMan Zero 2MegaMan Zero 3MegaMan Zero 4That is all :D , all are MegaMan games .

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My Favorite Video Games...

The Best Console Games You've Never Played.


Hi,this is my personal list of my favorites...Some may already be on your lists,but many of mine happen to disagree as to each is to his/her own!

Well,here goes...Enjoy!




1. Kid Icarus

2. CastleVania(1st one&3rd one,Dracula's Curse.)

3. Dr. Mario

4. Dragon Warrior(1st one.)

5. Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle

6. Bubble Bobble

7. 1942(Plane Shooting Game.)

8. 1943(Plane Shooting Game,Sequel To 1942)

9. Battle Of Olympus(Plays much like another Zelda II.)

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(1st one.)


GameBoy/GameBoy Color


1. Dr. Mario

2. Tetris

3. Poke'mon Yellow Version

4. Gremlins 2:The New Batch

5. Revenge Of The Gator(PinBall Game)

6. Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle(1st. One)

7. Tiny Toon Adventures:Babs' Big Break

8. Harvest Moon(1st one,I believe?)

9. MegaMan(All of them!)

10. Balloon Kid(I noticed it wasn't on your list.)


Super NES


1. StarFox

2. PilotWings(Flight Simulator)

3. BattleClash(Robot Shooter For Super Scope Six.)

4. Disney's The Lion King

5. Yoshi's Adventure(For Super Scope Six.)

6. Tiny Toons:Buster Busts Loose

7. CastleVania 4

8. Final Fantasy II(Fun,but wasn't the greatest FF game.)

9. Super Mario RPG

10. F-Zero


Sega Genesis


1. Ecco The Dolphin

2. Disney's The Lion King

3. Sonic Spinball

4. Sonic 2

5. Disney's Aladdin

6. PigSkin FootBrawl

7. Columns(Jewel-based puzzle game.)

8. Tiny Toon Adventures:Buster's Hidden Treasure

9.+10. Can't Think Of Any




1. Final Fantasy Tactics(FF TACTICS ROCKS!)

2. Final Fantasy VII(How I dream of Cloud Strife?<drools!>)

3. YuGiOh!:Forbidden Memories

4. Lunar:Silver Star Story Complete

5. Spyro The Dragon(1st. One)

6. Disney's Hercules

7. Lunar:Eternal Blue Complete

8. CastleVania:Symphony Of The Night

9.+10. I couldn't come up with either of them.




1. YuGiOh!:Capsule Monster Coliseum(VoiceOvers?!! HOORAY!!)

2. YuGiOh!:Duelists Of The Roses(Hard;Incredible Graphics!)

3. Kingdom Hearts(1st. One.)

4. Kingdom Hearts 2

5. Final Fantasy X2(WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?!! I'M A GIRL!)


7. ClockTower 3("Chick Game" w/Great Graphics;Scary Game!)

8,9,10. Can't think of any...




1. StarFox 64

2. Yoshi's Story(Cute game;original idea;not on your list.)

3. Mischief Makers(THIS ONE IS TRULY AWESOME!)

4. Legend Of Zelda:Ocarina Of Time

5. Poke'mon Puzzle League(Fun,wasn't this on your list.)

6. Hey You,Pikachu!(For all whom wished of owning Pikachu!)

7. PilotWings 64(Hilarious when you crash,but frustrating!)

8. CastleVania 64(DRACULA SUCKS! Ha,ha,ha! Great graphics!)

9+10. Can't think of any.


Saturn,DreamCast,NeoGeo,Jaguar,etc.(Never played or owned.)


GameBoy Advance(GBA)


1. CastleVania:Aria Of Sorrow

2. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

3. YuGiOh!:Eternal Duelist Soul

4. Poke'mon FireRed Version

5. Legend Of Zelda:A Link To The Past,Four Swords

6. CastleVania:Harmony Of Dissonence(Spelled correctly?)

7. Super Mario World(1st. One)

8. YuGiOh:Reshef Of Destruction(Addictive;Hard To Beat!!)

9.+10. Don't know.


Nintendo DS


1. Nintendogs(All versions!)

2. YuGiOh!:Nightmare Troubadour(FRIENDS W/YUGI&CO.?! YAY!!)

3. CastleVania:Dawn Of Sorrow(Fun;LOVE the Anime graphics!)

4. Zelda:Phantom HourGlass(Too childish;too hard;fun!)

5. SimCity DS(Same Old Classic Style Like The PC Game;Fun!)

6. Dogz

7. Final Fantasy III

8. StarFox Command

9. Spyro:A New Beginning(Correct title?)

10. YuGiOh! GX:Spirit Caller(Nightmare Troubadour,GX Ver.)


Well,that's my list of my favorites as of that I've played

Thus far...I hope you enjoyed my list! Thanks In Advance!




-Jaime A.

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Wow... i played a few of this games... I think the bests of Playstation is Need For Speed Pro-Street, Winning Eleven 13 and Crysis.Well, for game boy i think you forgot to put some games of the pokèmon collection:Pokèmon BluePokèmon RedPokèmon YellowPokèmon GreenPokèmon SilverPokèmon GoldPokèmon CrystalPokèmon DiamondI think the Pokèmon collection includes the best games for gameboy.. Ahhh! I remembered now: i loved play the game harverst moon.. Of course is not best of Pokèmon but is really liked when I played that.

Edited by Impious (see edit history)

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Call of duty 5 world at warGuitar hero 4 world tourCall of duty 3 \/Pokemon series\/Pokèmon BluePokèmon RedPokèmon YellowPokèmon GreenPokèmon SilverPokèmon PlatinumPokèmon CrystalPokèmon Diamond( saved me alot of time by posting that above :o GH3Grand theft auto SA/LCSAce Combat 6 - ace of aces !!

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MY FAVORITE unheard of games ever!The Best Console Games You've Never Played.

PSX: Legend of Legaia (My All-Time favorite game for the psx! <3 I just loved the how different the turn-based fighting was. And the spells and magic are awesome! Beat Final Fantasy 7 by a long shot! If you don't have it, GET IT!)Brave Fencer Musashi (AHH epic storyline with characters you will NEVER forget! Amazing gameplay and music! <3)Chrono Cross (This is another amazing Turn-Based RPG! Also better then FF7! The massive amount of joinable members alone make this game interesting. The mmagic in this game is hard to grasp at first but the spells and summons in this game are simply amazing! <3)Wild 9Heart of DarknessSpyro 2FF7Crash Bandicoot 2Alundra 2Looney Toons Sheep RaiderNES:Crystalis! <3 <3 <3Kirbys AdventureStar TropicsStar Tropics 2Punch OutSNES:KIRBY SUPER STAR! (Omg I loved this game soo much I beat it soo many times I know every single level by heart! I LOVED the remake they made for the DS <3)Contra 3Donkey Kong Country 2GBA:Golden SunGolden Sun 2Legend of Zelda Link to the PastCastlevania Aria of Sorrow

-reply by Shep

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