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DHTML Hell Xoops conent DHTML site menu

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For the record, I've hated DHTML scripting since day one. Why: it never works on all browsers...and probably never will.

With that said here is the site:


The CMS is Xoops 2.x.x (I can't remember the exact version). Anyway, I am using the Content Module's DHTML Site Menu...correct that, the client wants to use it over the static version (which works, but is boring). I would like to use something that is already intergrated into the CMS so that they can use it in the future without having to know any programing. (whole point of setting up a CMS in the first place, make it easy for staff and members to update and use the site more).

Here are the problems:

FireFox/Mozilla/Netscape - The Menu has the large bullets and places a space in between the bullet and the text making them two lines. Very annoying and looks horrible.

MSIE - The Menu text is extremely small.

General Problems with Xoops - There are the main CSS files and then each block has its own CSS files. Pain in the rear to find and trouble shoot stuff.
Now this is a well known, and documented, problem with the module and I exhausted xoops.org's web forums for solutions so I am going to try and fix it even if I have to make a bastardized solution.

Here is the code from the DHTML Site Menu CSS file:

<div class="blockTitle">Main Menu</div><div class="blockContent"><style type="text/css" media="screen"> @import "tanfa.css";/**************** menu coding *****************/#menu {width: 100%;} /* Width of Individual Menu */#menu ul ul {	border:1px solid #FF9933; 	background-color:#C3CEE1;	margin-top:5px;} /* style of submenus *//*******No Need To Edit Below Here***********/#menu ul {list-style: none;margin: 0;padding: 0;}#menu li {position: relative;}#menu ul ul {position: absolute;top: 0;left: 100%;width: 100%;}div#menu ul ul{display: none;}div#menu ul li:hover ul{display: block;}/***** General formatting only ****/</style><!--[if IE]><style type="text/css" media="screen">body {behavior: url(http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/; 100%;} #menu ul li {float: left; width: 100%;}#menu ul li a {height: 1%;} #menu a, #menu h2 {font: bold 0.7em/1.4em arial, helvetica, sans-serif;} </style><![endif]-->

In the main style.css file called, there are no defined #menu options.


I've been thinking of ways around this. Option #1

Change all the #menu options to #dhtmlmenu in the Site Menu CSS file. Then in the StyleNN.css (where you can place optional code for NN/FF/Moz/etc) define all the #dhtml.menu variables for NN users. Then in the other file for MSIE users: create #dhtmlmenu settings for IE.

Any other ideas or thoughts or solutions?

Isolated MSIE problem to this part of the code:

<!--[if IE]><style type="text/css" media="screen">body {behavior: url(<{$xoops_url}>/modules/content/csshover.htc);font-size: 100%;} #menu ul li {float: left; width: 100%;}#menu ul li a {height: 1%;} #menu a, #menu h2 {font: bold 0.7em/1.4em arial, helvetica, sans-serif;} </style><![endif]-->

does those [if] tags and brackets look odd to anyone else?
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