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Make Your Own Sea! A Beatiful Sunshine

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You can make your own sea with this tutorial!


At first make a new page (1024*768)

then press D to fix colors

now go and run clouds filter from here:

Filter >>>> Render >>>> Clouds


Now follow this ways:


Filter >>>> Pixlate >>>> Mezzotint

>>>Long Strokes<<<


Filter >>>> Desort >>>> Shear

Now make the line like this:

* *  *   *	 *	   * 		 *		   *			 *			   *				 *					*					  *						*						  *						*					  *				   *				 *			   *			 *			*			  *				*				 *				  *					*					  * 						*						  *							*							  *								*								   *									 *									   *										 *


Filter >>>> Blur >>>> Blur More


Now make a light like sun light in the right corner of page.

Filter >>>> Render >>>> Lens Flare

Fix the settings like it:

Lens Type : Movie Prime

Brightness : 240% or more


Now Press Ctrl+Shift+N to make a new layer

then make a beatiful Gradient as sunshine lights.

Change the layer to Overaly & fill the opacity of Gradient 60%

If you think it is ready to use drag it from left top corner to in front of it.


You can make some birds with brush tool.


If there is any problem say & ask me...also if you need some picture.


And The Final Is This:


Posted Image

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Hi nini,[tab][/tab]Do you mind taking snapshots (pictures) of every step you described here and then paste them alongwith each step in your tutorial? That helps a whole lot when readers are going through a graphics tutorial. Without illustrations people have no way of knowing what the final effect will be - and will more often refrain from giving it even a single shot.

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