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Editing Menu Types In Mambo / Joomla How to change menu type and orientation

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I want to ask about how to change menu type in Mambo / Joomla. Can we change menu type with tree, tab, or others ?

Thank you


In order to set up a tree menu system in Mambo or Joomla, you just need to add the new item and set the Parent Item accordingly. If the item already exists, you need only to edit the menu item and select a Parent Item for it.


This is controlled under the menu heading at the top of the Admin Control Panel.

Click Menu --> Menu Name --> Add to add a new item ????[/tab]OR[tab]Click Menu --> Menu Name --> Menu Item to edit an existing item.




You can control the orientation of the menu and which pages it will appear on in the modules heading at the top of the Admin Control Panel.


Find your menu in the modules section and click on it to edit it. There will be an option for Menu Style where you can select a vertical, horizontal, or flat list menu.


Much of the overall menu appearence is determined by the template used and any modifications made to the CSS file.


Hope this helps. :lol:



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How to add links in menu items?Editing Menu Types In Mambo / Joomla


I am very new to this Joomla...But I am good with html language

I am adding some details of my company in to the website. We have a top menu with menu item name "courier". If I clicked on the courier tab it is saying some error, finally I found that the URL is what they given for this tab was wrong. I need to change the URL for this courier tab. Could you please help where can I need to change this URL in Joomla.  and one more thing is while designing the website they just gave the tab name as "courrier" instead of "courier". I need to change this one also, so please help me where do I need to change this.



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