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Post Your Funniest Software Errors!

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Hey all,


Post YOUR funniest computer software errors and abnormality here. Please do NOT intentionally make these "errors".


Here are 2 of mine:


Posted Image




to add to the collection, this is by far the weirdest. This happens on my computer:

Posted Image


So, now Skype thinks that phone numbers are users, but always OFFLINE.



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Posted Image


*laughs* That's a good one.


I would post screenshots of some of my software errors, but none of them are funny. Windows programmers apparently have no sense of humor when they're creating error messages *sighs*


But I do have to say that when I used an older Mac a couple of years ago at work (I think it was running OS 5 or 6 - some earlier one like that) I was infinitely amused by the tiny bomb icon on the error-message popups. I don't know why that was so funny seeing as I had to get work done. Maybe I just have a warped sense of humor? *grins*

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