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Programing Windows Joystick Questions about windows joystick code

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I have 2 joystick related questions.The first is, does anyone know if there is a driver that will allow me to use my joystick (actually 12button/3axis gamepad) to control my mouse pointer in windows95? I have one program that will allow me to do that (very indirectly) using windows accessability & the program that camewith my joystick. But it is exceedingly slow, because it uses 2 forms of redirection. First it translates joystick movements to key presses (slow), then I use the windows accessability to translate that to mouse movements. But that is so slow, it's practically unusable. I'd like to know if there is anything that can do it directly.Also, does anyone know how to use windows calls to use a joystick? I know how to use a standard joystick by talking to the gameport directly. My problem is that the joystick I want to use is non-standard. It has a windows driver, so I need to know how to call the windows library that controls the joystick.Any help is greatly appreciated! :huh: Thanx! :)-YB

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