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Flash Button With Sound

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This is a tutorial about adding sound to a button in Flash.


1.Go to menu :File\Import\Import to library


2.Select the sound file you want


3.Open the library panel (You can also press Ctrl + L)


4.Right-click on the sound you imported


5.Click "Linkage..." from the menu


6.Check "Export for ActionScript" & "Export in first frame".


7.Enter a name for sound in "Identifier" field

(This is the name you will use to address your sound from now on)

For example : "thesound"


8.Press "OK"


9.Choose an action frame of the movie where your button is in


10.In the actions panel of the choosen frame write the following:


song = new Sound();song.attachSound("thesound");

11.Select your button and open the actions panel for the button.



Congratulation ! Your flash button with sound is ready to use now .


-----Although this tutorial is quite short, it does contain useful information. I'm going to approve this-----szupie

Edited by szupie (see edit history)

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Excuse my potentially silly question, but what program can one use to do this?


Hahahaha.. rofl.. ;) nice one guru.. from the looks of it - he's probably using Flash. This is something that should be made mandatory.. we have to come up with a basic format for stuff/tutorials like this. The member has to include complete information about his system specifications and softwares used on top of each article. Otherwise nowadays we're getting a whole bunch of posts like this which doesn't give you even the tinniest wingling of what software you're supposed to use.

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Yeap , i agree to M^e , if you had a basic guideline for people who wanted to write tutorials it would be easy for them and us too. Besides, many dont know what tutorial is for what OS. Just my stupid example is enough, There was a Nvidia Gfx driver hack posted somewhere here around 2-3 mths ago. As a normal newbie would do, i started doin stuff on Windows .. ;) ... later on i found out that the codes that were supplied were for Linux and not windows. There was NO mention of the OS at all.I guess the basic guideline should be :Subject : ( name of your tutorial )Discription : ( complete discription of the tutorial )OS : what Os it would work on or what hardware it supports etc ..Extras : anything extra you need .. any hardware , softwarebasic config : the basic needs for the tutorial. like programs or hardware.lastly the Tutorial : any important notes :This was a very fast post, but i hope you guys get an idea :PRegardsDhanesh

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Lol.. thanks for pointing that out szupie. I guess we got carried away a bit here, but this has definitely brought up an interesting issue. More often than not you'd find issue under discussion taking place. So we do need a basic outline of tutorials - some basic format, in which all platform/sftware info and versions have to be clearly stated. Rest of the tutorial can be left to the author's imagination.

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Aha, so my Article bring out an idea about a way to format an HOW-TO. Never think about that before. Admins, you should have a annoucement for that. I think it should begin withThis is a tutorial about $WORK in $APPWritten by : $AUTHORPlatform : $OSReader : $BEGINNER->EXPERT

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This is a tutorial about $WORK in $APP

Written by : $AUTHOR

Platform : $OS



Not to forget the




Because i believe that sometimes there are tutorials that are already posted, but need updating according to software/hardware. So i would suggest giving full credit to the original author :)


Although this could be considered as spam ? Please correct me. But if a tutorial is completely re-written keeping an updated software/hardware in mind, then that shouldent be a problem i hope ;)




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