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Help In Preventing Spam Emails

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Unfortunately, spam can't be blocked (It can with third-party software, but that is only in the case of POP3 access).As for as I am aware (I have only used the email service in CP once, even then it was just to sign-up for something ;)), there is a junk folder (or name to that effect) where you can store spam.However, spam is only allowed access to your e-mail if you have your e-mail address loosely seen.

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Not quite - we do have a couple of SPAM Blocking/Weeding tools in the cPanel. Once you login into your cPanel, check under the Email Management Tools. You'll notice something called SPAM Assassin. Clicking on this will take you to a page where you can enable two options:


1. SPAM Assassin - which is a sort of a SPAM Checking filter, that trains itself over time to detect new kinds of SPAMs and traps most of it. You don't need to turn it on individually for all your accounts - once turned on it'll act simultaneously on all the accounts you've created from cPanel.


Here's a list of features from their site:



    * Wide-spectrum: SpamAssassin uses a wide variety of local and network tests to identify spam signatures. This makes it harder for spammers to identify one aspect which they can craft their messages to work around.

    * Free software: it is distributed under the same terms and conditions as other popular open-source software packages such as the Apache web server.

    * Easy to extend: Anti-spam tests and configuration are stored in plain text, making it easy to configure and add new rules.

    * Flexible: SpamAssassin encapsulates its logic in a well-designed, abstract API so it can be integrated anywhere in the email stream. The Mail::SpamAssassin classes can be used on a wide variety of email systems including procmail, sendmail, Postfix, qmail, and many others.

    * Easy Configuration: SpamAssassin requires very little configuration; you do not need to continually update it with details of your mail accounts, mailing list memberships, etc. Once classified, site and user-specific policies can then be applied against spam. Policies can be applied on both mail servers and later using the user's own mail user-agent application.


Source & more info.: http://spamassassin.apache.org/


2. The second tool you have is called SPAM Box. Enabling this, won't delete your SPAM mails but instead deliver them automatically to a separate folder called SPAM undr your mail mailbox. You can then study them and take suitable action.


The combination of both will help you to quite an extent in battling SPAM - although it won't be a 100% hit rate.


All the best,


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